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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Beaded bracelet instructions: Square bead checkerboard bracelet kit

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You will be able to but the kit for this bracelet in a day or two. I’ve made all the kits, just need to get it into our shopping cart. But meanwhile, I am uploading the pattern to this blog

Looking Back

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Looking Back   I haven’t woven (or should I say, finished) a tapestry in a very long time. Inspired by a customer who just ordered the 38 inch weave to embark on tapestry (and bead weaving) after having in her

Color Impressions

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Color Impressions (originally published in Spin-Off Magazine) I began weaving tapestry with commercially dyed and spun yarn. In order to make the yarns ”sing” I combined various weights and types of yarns together using the method known to tapestry weavers