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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Ask Elena

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Do you have a question about Mirrix Looms? Wondering how to choose a warp coil? Not sure what a bottom spring kit is? Puzzled by the warping bar? We’ve got your answers… just ASK ELENA. Email elena@mirrixlooms.com with your question in

What is a Shedding Device?

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The Mirrix Shedding Device can seem a puzzling contraption to those unfamiliar with weaving. Today, I hope to clear up what a shedding device is and why you might want one. Called: Shedding Device Not Called: Shredder, Shredding Device, Shedder

Seven bracelets in Seven Days

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I do well with goals.  And when those goals fit in with what I want to do anyway, there is a good chance those goals will be realized. I got it in my head that I wanted to weave a

Confetti and Bead Necklace Weave-Along Week 2

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Welcome to the second week of Mirrix’s Weave-Along! We’re ready to get to the fun part- weaving! This is the bulk of the weave-along, so remember to ask questions if you have them! We can always be reached directly (email: