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Monthly Archives: April 2013

It’s a new weave-along: The Crystal Cuff

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Concept: The concept of a weave-along is simple. Once a week on Sunday during the span of the weave-along participants receive an email from us going over (in detail and with pictures, descriptions and sometimes even video) the steps of how

Quality Workmanship: Better for your wallet, better for the environment. Happy Earth Day

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It seems like many products these days aren’t built to last. We buy things knowing they’ll only work for a few years and then we replace them and start the cycle over. We’re all aware that this isn’t a great

More Beaded cuffs and a wrap bracelet

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I have been busy.  I have been knocking off three of these a day.  The thing I love about bead weaving (besides the fact that I love bead weaving) is that it is not hard on my hands.  Eventually, every

Wire & Suede: Another 20-minute Bracelet

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I’m addicted to using SoftFlex wire on leather or suede! I’ve ordered some more supplies, but in the meantime did some playing with the concept of weaving a wrap bracelet. My next one (when I get more leather) will be

The 20-Minute Bracelet

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Weaving isn’t (usually) for the impatient (a trait which I more than occasionally identify with). A tapestry can easily take months to complete and even most bead weavings aren’t completed in an afternoon. But sometimes you need a bracelet to

New bracelets from Claudia

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Fun to weave and easy to finish.  Inspired me to order way too many beads for other color combinations and, of course, future kits.  It’s attached to a brass cuff with an ultra-suede backing. Similar bracelets but not on a

Embroidery with hand painted silk yarn

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This is not about weaving.  This is about embroidery, which I decided to learn how to do because I wanted another way to play with my hand painted silk yarn.  I can only do so much embroidery.  Weaving is gentle