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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Weave-Along 11 Updates!

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Because the weave-along is going over many different basic things (loom set up, warping, how to weave different ways), we suggest you just have some basic materials depending on what you’re interested in. For bead weaving you will want a

Easy Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet

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A few months ago I bought some leather cord and was playing with wrap bracelets on my Mirrix. I was playing with the idea of using wire to string the beads and trying for really easy, fast projects. These were

Bead Woven & Embroidery Bracelet- Intro & Warping

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If my name looks familiar to many of you Mirrix aficionados out there, it should. It is hard to believe but it was exactly a full year ago that I began blogging for Mirrix. In fact, it was the end

Intro to Tapestry Class: Finishing the Sampler

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Welcome to the very last post in my CraftArtEdu Introduction to Tapestry series! Today I’m finishing the tapestry, which involves setting it up to hang on the wall. First, I trimmed all of the wefts down to about 1 inch