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Monthly Archives: March 2014


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Yesterday a customer ordered $37 worth of merchandise and paid… nothing! How? Mirrix-Ware! The customer/Mirrix-Ware participant showed her Mirrix Loom to someone who was interested in buying one but wanted to see a Mirrix in person. When that person decided

Congratulations to our winners!

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Never before have we received so many high-quality applications for Social Market for a Mirrix. The first time we went through the whole bunch we aimed to separate applications into “no” and “maybe” piles and realized quickly we had to

Warping is Easy!

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The question we get the most at Mirrix is some variation of: Is warping difficult? The simple answer is: Warping is easy! Warping a basic piece on a Mirrix is very simple. It just takes a little practice to become

How easy is it to weave beads?

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This morning I got a great question that I feel deserves a blog post (thanks, Sue!). Is weaving beads [on a loom] easier than bead weaving with a needle? While I cannot answer this with a simple “yes” or “no”,  since

The Joy of Giving (and Receiving) Handmade

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Last week I spent a few days in Minnesota visiting a friend who just had her first baby. It was a great trip, although I did come back with my biological clock in overdrive (ah! babies!). Also, Minnesota is quite