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A break

image I have small houseguests for the rest of the week, so will be taking a small weaving break. Instead I will be doing things like finding cardboard to make Ancient Greek props, going to the pool, seeing kids’ movies (who knew there were so many new ones right now), discovering the new MOLA herpetarium (and seeing Iggy), and going to the Museum of Science and History for the Da Vinci exhibit. I’m hoping to squeeze in a little time for measuring ikat and other small weaving work, but if you remember, children are quite busy all the time. Plus, the boys have been asking to weave, so will need to get the little loom set up. A busy week!

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  1. Good Quill Hunting - Reply

    June 17, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Oh very cool! You should post pics of the kids working on the loom and their projects!! 😉

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