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A Left-Handed Loom

When Claudia Chase invented the Mirrix Loom a little over 16 years ago, she had many goals in mind. She wanted a loom that was portable, functional and¬†indestructible. She also wanted a loom that was¬†ambidextrously functioning (yeah, I might be stretching it with that phrase). She wanted ANYONE to be able to use the loom… left handed people, right handed people, people with disabilities… anyone.

shedding device for left handed weaving
The shedding device on the left-hand side of the loom

All you have to do to use the shedding device with your left hand is to make sure you put the side of the device with the hole of the handle on the left side. Easy as that. 

Enjoy, left-handed weavers everywhere, enjoy!

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