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A Split-Loom Bracelet: Part Two

I was never the kid that hid under the covers with a flashlight reading a book when I was supposed to be sleeping. I was the kid that hid under the covers without a flashlight reading a book when I was supposed to be sleeping. Still, my husband will find me on the couch with no lights on just after the sun has gone down squinting at a book. He even bought me a book light to try to remedy my stubbornness, but of course it sits unused on my bedside table.

Point is, I have some strange aversion to turning on lights. Maybe it’s the environmentalist in me. Maybe if I had an Ott-Lite all would change. The lesson I learned last night is… don’t bead in the dark. Just don’t do it. If you do, you might end up having to take out eight rows because you thought one pink was another pink. So… here is my progress minus eight rows.

You can begin to see the three columns that will eventually all be split. The one on the right is already split. (Just the width of one bead.) 

Also, we’ve got some fun news!

The June/July 2011 issue of Beadwork is out and it contains (on page 70) Claudia’s tapestry/bead cuff project. It’s well illustrated.
Get a copy at your local large bookstore or online at Beadwork Magazine:www.interweave.com/bead/beadwork_magazine/
And … streaming video to your local PBS station for Beads, Baubles and Jewels’ 1400 series is happening now. Claudia’s project is part of the 1410 series. Check out details at:http://www.beadsbaublesandjewels.com/projects14.php

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  1. SpiritwindRAdio - Reply

    June 20, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    your post reminds me as a child, hiding and reading.

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