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Advancing Your Weaving

It may not be obvious what to do when you’ve woven a piece the length of your loom and want to keep weaving but have hit the shedding device (or the top of the loom if you aren’t using a shedding device). For my 15.5 inch headband weaving, which is fairly thin and a fast weave, I’ve already reached that point and am about to reach it again.

On a Mirrix, the solution is simple: Loosen the wingnuts on each side of your loom (evenly!) just enough so your warp can slide down. Make sure your spring bar is not in the spring. Take your warping bar with two hands on either side of the piece and move the bar up. This will move your weaving down under the bottom beam and back up the back of the weaving. Voila!

Almost done! 

The warp advancing around the bottom beam.

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