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To shed or not to shed

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Sometimes you just want to weave slowly, picking warp threads with a needle as you go.  For very thin pieces, this works just fine.  It can be very meditative. But most of the time, when weaving tapestry, picking each warp

Simple Frame Loom Vs. Mirrix

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So you want to weave tapestry  and you’re trying to decide on a loom. Congratulations! You’re going to love the journey you are about to embark on. Tapestry, as we say, is like painting with fiber and provides endless creative opportunities. As

Visiting Handweavers Studio & Gallery in London!

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Earlier this week Claudia and I took a little trip to London. While there, we stopped by our only UK dealer, The Handweavers Studio & Gallery. We initially met Wendy, the owner of Handweavers, at the Salem, OR Northwest Weavers’ Guild Conference

Tapestry: Painting with Fiber

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As the daughter of a tapestry weaver, I grew up with a few key phrases in my lingual arsenal that related to tapestry. One was this: “Tapestry is painting with fiber.” One of the main differences between tapestry and other types of weaving is

Color Theory for Beadwork

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By Mirrix President Claudia A. Chase What is your favorite color? I don’t have one. When I was a child the answer would have been a combination of pink and red.  I was told early on though that pink and red

We Admit It… (A little bit about where Mirrix Looms are made)

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We admit it; our looms could be made a little faster. We could even make them a little cheaper.  If we wanted to, we could outsource our manufacturing overseas. We could use inferior materials. We could hire a call center