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Small Progress

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Here it is the middle of the night. I haven’t had lots of time this past week to work on the surprise piece I am working I have started, but I will have lots of time in a few more days and it is going to be all about this project! I have a half a panel done so far. It seems to take me about a day and a half for half a panel. It was moving slower than I had anticipated the 2 solid days I worked on it. I am still excited though because this is going to be different. Here is what I have so far. The threads hanging on the left are the start and finish threads. I usually weave them in when I am all done looming a piece.


I have been also plotting and planning my next 2 pieces of loomwork and have purchased the proper items I will be working with. I am pretty excited about them as well! I will be heavily back into this piece in one more day. :D

Summertime natural dyeing

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I had some exciting ideas in mind for my next tapestry but I think I’ve finally settled on doing William Morris’ Strawberry Thieves using naturally dyed yarns.  This week I dyed a bunch of my sample yarns for it.   I have yet to dye the indigo ones, but I think I’ve made a good start.


From back to front:

walnut with alum and cream of tartar

onion skins with alum at left and walnut with alum and cream of tartar beside it

osage with alum and cream of tartar

brazilwood with alum

osage with alum and iron

logwood with alum and iron

brazilwood with alum and iron

onion skins with alum and cream of tartar at left and onion skins with alum and iron next to it

osage with alum

logwood with alum

logwood with alum and cream of tartar

walnut with alum and iron

brazilwood with alum and cream of tartar


William Morris’ Strawberry Thieves 1883. Click pic to go to its source

Janna Maria Vallee

HGA Convergence 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island!

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We are counting down the days for this event.  Please see their website for more details: http://www.weavespindye.org/convergence2014.

We thought you might be curious as to what we will be hauling there.  Since we are limited to two cars and one large table once we get there, we have had to make some serious choices.  Of course, we will be bringing looms.  Lots and lots of looms. All shapes and sizes.  And if we run out of the loom you want, there will be a model available to play with and we will ship it to you at no cost.  For those of you who are flying to the event, this might be the best choice for the larger looms.

We will have display stand and one all neatly boxed up. Both will be for sale (the display stand at a discount, of course).

We will have our  yet to be revealed amazing new accessory.  Not telling you.

Hand painted silk galore.  An entire huge basket of it. You get to pick the colors and get increasing discounts for the more you buy.  Like dipping into one of those really big crayon boxes but much, much better.

Gold thread.  Lots of it.

And entire basket full of those great new two hole beads.  Great colors, great shapes, just great.

Buttons.  Of course we’ll have buttons!

A limited number of Mirrix accessories.  But examples will be there if you need to order online.

We won’t have any of our wooden clips.  Sorry, we forgot to have them shipped here.  You’ll have to hit the website for those.

Kits.  Not our full range, but ones you will love.  We will have an entire shelf of them

And did I mention the sari silk ribbon?  We will have an example of this done in Soumak knotting on a loom as well as some finished examples.  You will want to try this.  It’s easy, it’s fail-proof and the product is gorgeous.

I hope I haven’t left anything out.  But you can be sure, you will find equipment and supplies you won’t find anywhere else at the Convergence Marketplace!



Cubist’s Delight

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photo 2-2

Greetings Weaving Friends!  My foray into increases and decreases continues to advance.  I have one strap complete (see photo to the left).  In addition, I have  successfully added the missing piece of the work to the right side of the body, and it does appear symmetrical.  As it should.  That part was woven down, while the rest of the body is woven up.   It is has been fun to see how to add complexity by increasing and decreasing, with just a little bit of technical “know-how”.   I purchased this pattern as part of a class.  Although, according to the pattern, the assembly includes adding round beads, I’ve decided to stay “cubist” and I plan to  add cube beads.

I’ve got a lot of work left on it before that happens.  But, I am already fantasizing about how I will decorate and assemble the pieces.  As you can see, I did warp with a cream colored thread, and I am happier with the results, compared with the black I used in my sampler. Learning to “lock” my warp threads after removing from the loom was a crucial step in my mastery of the process.  Locking keeps the work stable.  I had to weave in many of the threads and that is quite time consuming.  I cannot imagine locking and weaving in the 60 threads x2 (top and bottom) that I will do, when I remove the body from the loom.


Using Silamide A thread

photo 1gave me a lot of room to weave in.  It is a 2 ply nylon that has minimal to zero stretch.  It is also very thin, so the beadwork did not become distorted by all the buried threads.  The threads that remain will be used to connect the strap to the body and to a clasp.  And now… back to weaving…and then locking…and then burying…and then assembling……….Yippeee!


Julia L. Hecht

Poppyfield Bead Company


Adventures in Extreme Shag

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Can you guess what this is?  Believe it or not this is the tapestry that I shared a few weeks back.  I’ve added this extreme shag in 100% silk that I hand painted with acid dyes.  I am going to give it a hair cut and wanted to have it done that by now, but I’m waiting for my hair-stylist brother to help with that part (yes, seriously).  It was so much work to tie this silk on on two at a time, that I dare not mess it up now.  So, for now it remains looking like some strange jelly fish.

Janna Maria Vallee


Secret Project

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Finally, I am happy to say I started the ‘secret project’ today. Thrilled to get it underway, but as I started a bit on the loom I realized this was quite the undertaking. I think it is going to take me longer to loom than I thought. We’ll see ;)  That being said, the design below, with your input, is the one I decided on.

Secret projectAs it turned out, I had made it larger originally than I ended up needing and had to ‘shave’ rows off the top and bottom. This will be what it looks like all finished. So I printed up my trusty word chart. 7 pages in total. I prefer a word chart for loom work and peyote work. It works up way faster than using the colored graph with the symbols!! The faster I go, the quicker I can do something else. That’s how I roll.

DSC_0882 Then I organize my colors and put them on a board with a mat. I mark my mat with permanent marker. It gets reused plenty!



This is what I have done so far. I have to make 4 of these, so this will definitely run into a week or two. That is the only hint you get. You can guess what I am doing, if you like, but I will not confirm it :)


See you next week, hopefully a good chunk done by then.

It’s Here, Mirrix’s 18th Birthday Month!

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happy18I remember 18 years ago in July well. It was the summer after 5th grade and my family was making the move, dogs, cats and a guinea pig in tow, from Wisconsin to New Hampshire. My mom,  Claudia, had sent some prototypes of a loom she had designed (at the time, she was a professional tapestry weaver) to a weaving show right before we left. When she plugged in the phone at the new house, she found out that all the looms she sent had sold. And so Mirrix was born.

This month, we celebrate Mirrix’s 18 years. We are proud of the company Mirrix has become, of the people who work so hard to make it successful and of the wonderful customers who make everything worth it.

When I came on board at Mirrix, I saw that every value my mom held in normal life, she held also as a business owner. She believes, and has since the beginning, in running a company where employees are treated well, where products are made in America and where customers become friends. I am grateful to be a part of Mirrix and to really, truly believe in the company I work for.

In celebration of Mirrix’s 18 years, we are having a one-day, totally unprecedented, sale (looms typically go on sale only on Cyber Monday).

Get 10% off your order (some restrictions apply, please read the fine print) today only with code happybirthdaymirrix. 

AND, since we couldn’t take away free shipping on a day like this, we’re keeping it going for another month.

Remember to sign Mirrix’s birthday card here!

And read some birthday messages here. 

Enjoy! And thanks for these past 18 years!


-Retail orders only
-Does not apply to items on sale
-Cannot be combined with any other offer

If you ordered recently, unfortunately we cannot give you this deal retroactively. We know the feeling of missing a deal (I just bought a pair of shoes and found them 50% off a few days later!) but it is unfair to all our customers to give deals outside of the date and times they are issued. It can become a slippery slope when someone who ordered yesterday wants the deal that was present today, because then the person who ordered two days ago should get it too. Thanks for understanding!

Because we anticipate a much higher than usual order volume today, please understand that orders today might take a little longer than usual to get out. Please be patient!


Rock Series: Sample 2

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rock wevaing

Here is my second try for the rock sample series.  For this photo I thought it would be fun to show you where the sliced rocks are coming from, so I placed it on my dad’s hand-made concrete kitchen counters.  I’ve been using the cast offs.  My mom says that while he planned and made the counter tops, my dad deliberately chose to use a lot of rocks that featured lines going around them, which I find serendipitous since that’s exactly what I wanted to add to them as soon as I started brainstorming about weaving.

This time around I used C-LON beading cord as warp and my sett was 18, a big step from last week’s 12.  I wanted to see if I could easily do weft faced weaving with it at that sett using Mirrix’s painted silk for weft.  It turned out that it was a bit challenging and the warp showed through if I didn’t beat it hard.  You can see evidence of this where the weaving got wider and the green lines are bent instead of strait.  So, I’ll go with a 16 or 14 sett next time.

Here I am weaving it up at a beach in Gibsons BC Canada where I’m spending the summer with my parents and friends this year.  I can’t complain.

Janna Maria Vallee

Fullscreen capture 6282014 32244 PM

Leaps and Bounds!

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There’s nothing like a great class to get unstuck!  I am beading a necklace in my loom bead weaving class that  is full of increases and decreases.  Now that I’ve been taught what to do, I am just amazed at how simple it is to add that kind of complexity to a design.  I chose  colors and used them in my sampler to test them out (see my last post).  I decided to go ahead with the palette and I just LOVE how it is working out in the necklace. I have to admit that warping with 6o threads was a bit of a jump after my little 10 and 20 warp bracelets. I got so distracted by the counting that I forgot to move my warp bar down and I just started beading.  Fortunately, I don’t think I need to rotate the warps at all…I do believe I’ve got enough space on just the front threads.  I am weaving away in hopes of having it ready for class on Sunday.  Meanwhile….

I am making progress in leaps and bounds!

Julia L. Hecht

Poppyfield Bead Company


Loomed Barrette

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Hi everyone! I finished the barrette I had started last week and I have images for you on how I finished the piece. I was going to do fringe, but decided I shouldn’t because the barrette is wide as it is. If I had been thinking more clearly when I designed it, I would have shortened the actual barrette in width and widened the image to make the image as part of the fringe. Hind sight = 20/20 LOL Something for you all to think about in the event you want to make a barrette.

So this next image is the finished work still on the loom. I decided to try the tape technique and taped the ends together, bringing each side in just a little bit. I really liked this method and will definitely use it again. Sorry you can’t see the tape, I brought it from behind to the front and wrapped it to stick together. Worked like a charm. :D


Next up, I cut the work off the loom and glued it down with E6000 around the edges and on both sides of the taped ends and adhered it to black leather. Don’t use lots of glue, just use enough. Then trim edges close being careful of the threads.


Then I put a small amount of E6000 to the back of a barrette blank. (if you are new to making barrettes, always make sure to purchase the ‘Made in France’ kind. Top quality and they are stamped on the back!!) After the glue set up for a few minutes, I then stitched the clip down on each end through the holes, knot from behind.


Then I glued the front and the back together, again with E6000 and mini clothes-pinned them together.


After the glue has set up, thread and needle with Fireline, or thread and work your sides however you like to.



So that’s it. It’s very easy to make a barrette and they can sure get fancy! This was a simple one.

My next project is going to be way way more exciting!! The ‘secret project’ and I am so darn excited to get started! The beads should be here in just a few days, then I have everything I need to work this up. I may even have to set up the Big Sister with the Little Guy to do this one. I have several pieces of the same design to do up and once I start, I am going to want to fly through the loomwork. This next project will also have video, although that may be the week following for the finished project, we’ll see. When it comes to beading a project I am excited about, I tend to forget about the sleeping part of my day ;)

It’s a good size project! Cannot even wait to share this with you all!

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