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A little silk obsession

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I can’t seem to stop weaving silk (which, by the way, is on sale until that big day with a heart involved). But lately the finishing is as much fun as the weaving.  I’ve showed you this one before, but this time Elena took the photographs and put them in a neat little package.  I love it.  And of course I need to pause here to remind you that I will be teaching this sort of thing at NOA Gallery on March 14th and 15th in Groton, MA.  http://www.mirrixlooms.com/noagallery/  We have a few more spots, so don’t hesitate to sign up.wovenpiece


Tapestry Tidbits

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Hey there, Janna here with a few updates as to where I’m at on my Mirrix blogging journey.  It’s coming to an end here soon so I wanted to tie up a few lose ends (no pun intended).  Since I have been using my loom for skill-shares lately (and I have been doing a lot of those) I haven’t had access to it to weave my own pieces.  Right now in my practice sharing the art form is just as pertinent as practicing it, so I’m not complaining what-so-ever.  I do hope that I can do another piece to share before I’m done blogging here though.

The first thing I wanted to mention goes right back to my first month blogging here when I did the series of posts about the history of tapestry in relation to painting and Jean Lurcat’s thoughts on it.  I’ve recently reposted the series as one post with footnotes and citations over at the Everlea Blog.  I always intended on sharing those extra tidbits with you but I didn’t think it would take so long, my apologies.

Below is the twill piece that I thought I would be inserting into the leather laptop case I’ve been dreaming up.  That job has been transferred to the rust weaving instead, and last night I spent a couple of hours cutting up and photographing the twill with the rocks I was working with earlier last year.   I’m not sure where I’m going with it, but I’m excited to have found something to do with the twill – it just wasn’t doing it for me as in its former form.  It’s in part because I didn’t sew the slits before wetting it, so the slit edges wanted the curl in and just didn’t look clean even after being sewn.  I have to say it really bugged me. So naturally I took scissors to it, haha.  To avoid having to sew the edges I hand-washed and dried it three more times before cutting into it.  I think that if the pieces are not handled a whole lot that they are safe from fraying too much.  Below are a few arrangements that I thought were fun, and I’m really glad to be returning to my dad’s rocks.

Heart Tapestry Package

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tapestry love


When I was a little girl, my mom made me a tapestry that hung in my bedroom all through my childhood. It was a simple tapestry, just a heart on a white background, but it is one I always have and always will treasure because of what that heart represents. 

This Valentine’s Day, give a heart tapestry to someone you love just like my mom did all those years ago with our Heart Tapestry Loom Starter Package.

In this package, you’ll get:

  • A 12″, 16″ or 22″ Loom with shedding device
  • A Mini Heart Tapestry Kit
  • 100 Heddles
  • A Heart-shaped Tape Measure 

Get this package here and automatically save $20

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Do-Over, Again

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Homage to Victor, Work in Progress

IMG_2188Greetings Weaving Friends!  How many times have we been asked “How long did it take you to make that?”  I think I will start answering with “Which version?”  It has been 3 weeks and I am still working with my Homage to Victor pattern.  Each version improves upon the last. I’ve changed out my warp threads and turned to matte black beads for the outlines.  I went with more primary and contrasting colors, and relied less on subtle differences in finish to create the necessary contrast.   I am developing an edging using the off loom beading techniques of brick and square stitch.  Even as I work this one, I am planning the next version, with white warps.  And still, I wonder how it might look with a warp space for every bead..so there might be another do-over after that.  Meanwhile…I am thrilled with the pattern and the shifting optical illusion. Stay tuned…I hope it ends up a “finished” version at some point.IMG_2189

Julia L. Hecht

Owner / Designer

Poppyfield Bead Company


Twill and an upcoming event in NYC

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I learned to weave tapestry in 2008 in my first semester of textile art school in Canada.  It was the first form of weaving introduced in the two-year intensive program, and I’ll admit it was daunting at first.  We were weaving on Archie Brennan-style looms, and without shedding devices.  That means in order create a shed we were picking up every second warp, one at a time.  It was time consuming but totally satisfying.  Looking back it was the best possible and most intimate way to be introduced to this ancient art form.

I’ve always been very entrepreneurial, and back then I was constantly trying to find ways to speed up these slow textile processes

Blizzard Sale

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blizzard sale

Happy snow day!

While you’re cooped up inside, we hope you are able to spend the day weaving to your heart’s content. If not, we’re offering the next best thing:


Get 10% off ALL looms and loom accessories (excluding those already on sale) with code BLIZZARDLOOM at checkout.

That means you could get 10% off that 16″ Big Sister Loom you’ve been dreaming about or that loom stand you’ve always wanted.

Plus, get 20% off the Spencer Power Treadle if you buy it alone with code BLIZZARDSPENCER, or 30% off it if you also buy a loom (plus 10% off that loom, by using both codes together).

I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest discount we’ve ever done!

If you missed our once-a-year holiday deals, this is the next best thing (or in the case of the loom and treadle, even better)!

Terms & Conditions:
Cannot be combined with any other offers
Can only be used once
Mirrix Looms reserves the right to deny, or change any discount
Expires at midnight PT on 1/27/2015
Only valid at mirrixlooms.com
If you purchased before this deal launched, we cannot give you this offer

Other Bead Looms

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lani loom without sdBy Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase (This post is adapted from a post from the post “Bead Looms” written in 2009)

I was just playing around here and at other bead sites looking at other bead looms. What I found: there is a standard model for many bead looms and most are made of wood of varying degrees of strength, beauty, value and a few are made of light metal like the ones most of us had when we were kids.

Those looms:
1) allow you to put on one plane of warp or have roller beams so that you can advance the warp
2) have the warp attached at either end to a single nail or more
3) provide a spring at either end through which the warp is spread out evenly.


Making something really cool out of a warp failure

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I have been on a roll weaving hand-painted silk into tapestry cuffs that are backed with ultra-suede and trimmed with beads.  It’s fun, it’s relaxing and I love the final product.  All good things.

This weekend I warped up my loom with the intention of weaving two strips of tapestry for two cuffs.  I was having a great time weaving when all of a sudden, while adding just a little more tension, four warp threads snapped.  Yeah that can be an issue with the Mirrix sometimes.  You can get so much tension that if you go overboard, you can break the warps threads.  Hasn’t happen to me a lot, but I was due for a disaster. So much for weaving two strips of tapestry for two cuffs.  So much for even having one strip of tapestry for one cuff since the pieces was way too short.  And then I got an idea:  What if I extend the tapestry strip with something else.  I thought about beads, but that didn’t seem to fit into the theme.  The light bulb over my head screamed: silk wrapped O-rings which would also allow the cuff to fit a range of wrist sizes.  I then attached the button to another silk wrapped O-ring so it extended farther (this strip was too short by a full 2 1/2 inches.



Turns out I liked it better than the longer ones without the O-rings.  The O-rings make it much more interesting.




I might continue to make my silk tapestry strips shorter and add the O-rings.  Just for the fact that one can then adjust the cuff to one’s wrist size is a big plus since I will be selling these cuffs in a gallery.

What things have you done to turn your failure into a greater success?

Mini silkscapes

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Hey, I’m back!  I took a wee break from posting here since I spent the past few weeks on vacation in Canada, and while there I used much needed babysitting time to apply for art related things (shows, grants etc), which as you may know is a lot of work, but really fun too.  We just arrived back to the US and, as always after a good chunk of time away, I have entered nesting mode.  I spent our whole first day back re-organizing the apartment so I could feel fresh in beginning to plan some upcoming weaving and dyeing installations, as well as posting here again.

Today, as I photographed these wee silk weavings my son Sam who is almost two years old hovered nearby and watched.  I said, “These are my weavings.” And he replied, “Beat, beat, beat.”

Price Increases

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buy now

Raising prices isn’t something we like to do (or do often) but occasionally the significant increase in material costs makes it necessary.

On March 1st, 2015 we will increase the price of the 8″ Lani Loom without the shedding device, 12″ Little Guy Loom without the shedding device and the 16″ Big Sister Loom.

The 8″ Lani Loom without the shedding device will go up to $175

The 12″ Little Guy Loom without the shedding device will go up to $205

The 16″ Big Sister Loom (with the shedding device) will go up to $290


If you have one of these fantastic looms on your wish list, now is the time to buy!