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Our First Instagram Contest -extended to 5/29

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i deserve a mirrixA winner has been chosen!
Click here to see who won!

1. Follow Mirrix on Instagram @mirrixlooms
You may also want to follow our CEO, Claudia @claudiamirrix

2. Tag Mirrix (@mirrixlooms ) in a photo of a piece of fiber or bead art you have made and tag the photo with the hashtag #ideserveamirrix







Ten Reasons to Choose a Mirrix

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toptenreasonstochooseamirrixMaybe you’ve played around with a wooden frame weaving loom or a little wire bead loom and you’re ready to take the next step in your weaving journey. Perhaps you’ve just discovered weaving and you’re looking to start out weaving with the best loom you can buy. It could be that you can’t decide if you’re into fiber art or bead art and you want a loom that can do it all. Whatever the reason, here are our top ten reasons why you might want to choose a Mirrix for your weaving needs.

1.) Versatility

From tapestry weaving to bead weaving to wire weaving and free-form fiber weaving, Mirrix Looms are incredibly versatile.

2.) Size Options

Mirrix Looms come in eight sizes, from the 5″ wide Mini Mirrix to the 38″ wide Zeus Loom, allowing you to choose a loom size that best fits your needs. Need help deciding? Get a free loom recommendation below.

Get Help Choosing a Loom!


Art: It’s Not Just For Artists

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I am not an artist.

elena weaving

This statement, of course, begs the question, “Who is an artist?”

This answer varies from person to person, from medium to medium and from age to age (I’m pretty sure all children are artists). But most artists I know… they know they are artists. These are the people who can’t function without creating: The ones who try to smuggle knitting needles on airplanes; those who can never leave the beach without leaving behind a sculpture; individuals who sink into a deep depression after only a few days not behind their wheel, their loom or their canvas.

I read a post by Rebecca Mezoff the other day (side note: If you want to learn tapestry, you need to check out her online class). The post was titled, “The Desperate Joy of Making Art” and in it she said:


Memorial Day Deals!

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memorial day 2015

treadle beadcreator bskThrough Memorial Day (5/25/2015) we’re offering a few Mirrix deals:

Get 15% off the Electric Spencer Treadle with code memdaytreadle
Remember, we also have several other Electric Treadle combination deals through May.

Get 15% off the Bottom Spring Kit with Springs with code memdaybsk

The first TEN people to use code memdaybeadcreator50 will get $50 off BeadCreator Pro
If our shopping cart does not accept the code, that means ten people have already used it. 
The next TEN people can use code memdaybeadcreator30 for $30 off BeadCreator Pro
If our shopping cart does not accept either code, that means ten people have already used each one. 

The Fine Print
These coupons expire 5/25/2015
Mirrix reserves the right to end or change any promotion
These coupon codes can be used together, but not with other deals, offers or sales
Valid only on mirrixlooms.com
Only ONE copy of BeadCreator (using these sale prices) may be ordered per customer

The Brief History of My Tapestry Journey

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claudia weaving

By Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase

Every art and/or craft medium has its rules.  When approaching a new medium, you have choices.  You can learn a few of the basic techniques in any given medium and then start playing, learning more techniques as you explore.  Or maybe you will just stop with a few techniques.  Or possibly you will start with your gut and just play from the very beginning, in which case you are bound to make some classic “mistakes” that others who are advanced in that medium will spot right away.


Our First Mirrix Looms Ambassador: Erin Riley

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Erin Riley

The Mirrix Looms Ambassador program hopes to unite Mirrix Looms (both the company and the products) with talented bead and tapestry weavers from around the world. By connecting these gifted artists, quality weaving equipment and the networks of both, the hope is to simultaneously increase awareness of each ambassador and of Mirrix products.

Each ambassador will have a unique role, but you can expect instructional blog posts, project ebooks, inspiration and more from these amazing artists.


Help Us Win a Grant!

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win a grantFor over 18 years, Mirrix Looms has been building looms and a wonderful community… a community we hope you are proud to be a member of.

It’s a long shot, but we are hoping to get a $100,000 grant from Chase to help our company grow. From a physical retail store to offering more classes and having representatives at more shows, we have lots of ideas of how to spend the money!

We’d love for you to show your support for Mirrix by helping us get the 250 unique votes to qualify.

Click here to vote and thank you for being an integral part of Mirrix!

Mission Main Street Grants

The Split-Loom Necklace Weave-Along: Results!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in Mirrix’s 16th Weave-Along. We really enjoyed viewing all of your necklaces and seeing the fun and unique design and colors decisions you each made. We hope you had fun!

Here are a few pictures of finished pieces from weave-along participants:

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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Claudia & ElenaAlmost 19 years ago my mom started Mirrix. She was a professional tapestry weaver simply looking for a better portable loom. It turned out a lot of other people were looking for that same thing. When mom started Mirrix I was 11 and didn’t have  much of an interest in parental business ventures. As long as she was still always around when we got home from school, I was happy. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I really became aware of her success and her accomplishments with Mirrix. There she was, this artist without a business degree, running a successful business on her own. That pride has only burgeoned since.

My mom and I were always close. Like other-mothers-probably-hated-her-for-it kind of close. She was always my favorite person in the world, and she will continue to be until I have a child of my own (sorry, hubby, mom wins).

When I was a freshman in college I got this idea in my head that my mom should run for State Representative. For some reason she listened to my crazy idea and that summer we ran her campaign together. We did nothing the normal way. We rode our horses to the town hall to register her as a candidate playing Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” from a CD player perched on my saddle. We had magenta signs and glittery bumper stickers. We made t-shirts with puff paint. claudia and elenaWe knocked on nearly every door in our district. She lost the election by a few votes, which broke my heart. But it turned out there were some issues at one of the polling stations and a recount was called. I was back at school on the day it happened. I had just arrived home from class when I got a call from a friend. “I just saw your mom on TV. She won the recount.” All she said during that interview was, “My daughter is going to be so happy!” That day she became the first female Democrat to ever win her district.

During that campaign was when we realized that we work very well together. Our strengths and weaknesses played off each other perfectly during that campaign, as they do today running Mirrix.

ClaudiaElenaYears later, after graduating from college, living abroad and having my first real-world job; I started working for Mirrix. At the time I didn’t know if it would be a long-term just or if it was just a placeholder while I figured out what I really wanted to do. It became clear fairly quickly, though, that working for Mirrix was what I wanted to do. Now that I’m at an age where I’m beginning to think about having children myself, I’m happy to know that my job will offer me the flexibility to be available to my future kids in a similar way to how my mom was available to me, and I’m happy to imagine that one day my kids will look up to me the way I look up to her.

When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother and to all of you mothers out there who have loved, cherished and inspired your children in similar ways or in totally different ones.

Side Note: While I do hope to be able to be a work-at-home mom someday (hopefully with a nanny, so I can actually work), in no way do I disparage the lifestyles of mothers and future mothers who have found and will find different ways to balance work, life and motherhood.