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We Admit It… (A little bit about where Mirrix Looms are made)

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We admit it; our looms could be made a little faster. We could even make them a little cheaper.  If we wanted to, we could outsource our manufacturing overseas. We could use inferior materials. We could hire a call center

Braids and Woven Trim for Your Silk Smart Phone Case

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I love to embellish my small cases with braids and thin woven bands as well as beads.  It’s one of those “slow craft” things.  I enjoy the finishing and making all the seams and edges perfect.  Back in the day

Inspirational artists

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This week I’ve dyed some more yarn with natural dyes for my William Morris tapestry  (this time some finer yarn) which I’m doing as part of the current weave-along.  So, since I haven’t got any weaving progress to share I thought

When you leave everything you thought you needed home

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I thought I was doing a really good job of packing for a few days on the boat (turned out to be six days and I am now at a friend’s house, so I am still not “home.”).  I did

What’s your Mirrix Story?

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Have you started a business selling work you made on a Mirrix? Has your Mirrix allowed you to weave when other looms couldn’t due to an injury or disability? Did you realize your artistic talent for the first time when

Finishing Loom Woven Beadwork Jewelry

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It was suggested to me that this is a topic of interest to many bead weavers.  I have to confess, I am writing this from the cockpit of a sailboat boat (husband’s midlife crisis was to fix up a salvage

Weaving Rugs Across The Himalayas

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This year, “Loomy” (a 22″ Zach Loom) began a journey across the territories of Himalaya with Art Across Frontiers. Loomy has been meeting artists and weavers everywhere he goes and is helping to spread creative knowledge across and within these cultures. Check

Double shedding device; double fun!

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The fun continues!  I am using two shedding devices to create a textured weaving as I mentioned in a previous post when I started this adventure (click here to read the previous post).  I had seared into my brain how I