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Finishing Loom Woven Beadwork Jewelry

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It was suggested to me that this is a topic of interest to many bead weavers.  I have to confess, I am writing this from the cockpit of a sailboat boat (husband’s midlife crisis was to fix up a salvage

Weaving Rugs Across The Himalayas

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This year, “Loomy” (a 22″ Zach Loom) began a journey across the territories of Himalaya with Art Across Frontiers. Loomy has been meeting artists and weavers everywhere he goes and is helping to spread creative knowledge across and within these cultures. Check

Double shedding device; double fun!

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The fun continues!  I am using two shedding devices to create a textured weaving as I mentioned in a previous post when I started this adventure (click here to read the previous post).  I had seared into my brain how I

A creative exercise

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So, it’s not the ugliest or the prettiest object, but nice aesthetics were not the driving force behind my making this bracelet.  Let me explain… Today while Sam had his morning nap I wanted to try something new: make something

Share Your First Piece!

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Our “Your Work” Gallery is an amazing place to see all kinds of work done on Mirrix Looms. From beginner pieces to work done by professionals, there’s a wide range of beautiful work on display. Check out the gallery here.

The Joy of Giving (and Receiving) Handmade

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Last week I spent a few days in Minnesota visiting a friend who just had her first baby. It was a great trip, although I did come back with my biological clock in overdrive (ah! babies!). Also, Minnesota is quite