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Tapestry versus rigid heddle versus jack looms

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Today I was supposed to take all the photographs and write some copy for an upcoming webinar.  But, mother nature had a different plan.  The sky is a whitish grey filled with rain and absent of any good natural light.

Tying up loose ends, literally.

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I’ve shared all my Mirrix projects with you but often the finishing touches had not been applied, so I thought I’d tie up those loose ends and show you the finished pieces, all of which are Mirrix milestones for me.

Introducing: The Double Shedding Device Weave-Along

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Update: You can now sign up for (and learn more about) this weave-along here A weave-along is a FREE online course. Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok of Mirrix Looms will lead participants through a project woven on a loom. Every

Double shedding device; double fun!

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The fun continues!  I am using two shedding devices to create a textured weaving as I mentioned in a previous post when I started this adventure (click here to read the previous post).  I had seared into my brain how I

Tapestry Tool Box and The American Tapestry Alliance

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Nostalgia brought on by our recent attendance at Convergence (the Hand Weaver Guild of America’s every two year event) lead me to do some research to rediscover my tapestry past.  Searching for “Tapestry Tool Box” I found a letter from

Double shedding devices are fun!

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I don’t have Elena’s fancy lenses here, but decided to take a quick photo with my iPad of the double shedding device weaving. At first, although I was enjoying it, I wasn’t lost in it yet.  Then I got lost

Sneak Peak: Using two shedding devices on the Mirrix Loom

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Claudia has been experimenting with using two shedding devices to weave tapestry on a Mirrix Loom. We will post more about this later, but wanted to share a few pictures with you! Stay tuned for more!