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Social Market for a Mirrix 2014


Update 3/18/14: This campaign has now ended. Congratulations to our chosen Social Market for a Mirrix participants for 2014: Janna Maria Vallee, Julia Hecht and Christina Neit.

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Announcing Mirrix’s Social Market for a Mirrix campaign for 2014. This year we are looking for someone to be a part of the Mirrix team for a full 9 months.

Click here to learn about Mirrix’s previous Social Market for a Mirrix campaigns

The search: January 7th-March 17th 2014
The campaign: April 1st-December 1st 2014

The deal:
We will choose 1 to 3 participants who will get a FREE Mirrix Loom (16″ or smaller) plus kits and projects sent to them bi-monthly from April to December 2014 in exchange for blogging, videos and posts on social media about their experience with the loom and the projects. We are looking for someone skilled in blogging and social media and who will be willing to learn and experiment with diverse projects in either  bead weaving, tapestry weaving or both. We will choose our participant(s) on March 17th.

Please click the “application process” tab below to learn how to apply!

Minimum requirements:

-1 blog post per week (please note these posts will be on Mirrix’s blog)
-5 video or interactive features total (this can be negotiated depending on the the skills of the participant)
-At least 2 posts to social media per week
-Blog coverage of each free kit sent (there will be 5 or 6 kits)
-Blog coverage of third-party sponsored items that may be included in kits/packages sent to you. This may include certain beads or tools we want you to try and tell us what you think.

*Note: We realize some weeks are busier than others and sometimes participants will not be able to fulfill the requirements. As long as overall they are doing so, we are very lenient and willing to work around other obligations.

Sponsored by:

Read more about each of our share-sponsors here

  • Whom We're Looking For

    Whom we’re looking for:
    We are looking for creative individuals who are interested in weaving and have social media and blogging experience. We want someone with diverse networks, strong writing skills as well as artistic and creative skills.

    *Note: This position is open to anyone whether or not you own a Mirrix. We will also accept applications from previous Social Market for a Mirrix participants.

    What you’ll get:
    -A free Mirrix Loom (size 16″ or smaller)
    -At least 5 free Mirrix Kits
    -Exposure on Mirrix’s blog, website, social media sites, newsletter and more (we will be happy to write recommendations and act as a reference for quality participants)
    -The opportunity to work with Mirrix on other projects during the 9-month SMFAM period

  • Application Process

    The application process: Fill out the following application (copy and paste it into an email) and email it to (elena@mirrixlooms.com) remembering to include some photographs of samples of artwork you’ve made (be it knitting, weaving, beading, painting, etc.). We may contact you for more information or ask to chat to learn a little more about you. Since we will be working with the person/people chosen for a long period of time, we want to make sure that our participants are not only the right people for the job, but also a good fit for our management style.

    General Information



    Age range: 18-24 24-34 35-44 45-54 55+


    Relevant skills (writing skills, computer skills, blogging experience, crafting experience):

    Do you currently weave beads or tapestry? Please explain what weaving experience you have and what projects you would be interested in doing if you were a participant.

    Have you used a Mirrix Loom before?

    Have you used other looms before? Explain your loom use:

    Where did you hear about Mirrix Looms?

    Where did you hear about this event?


    Social Media Information
    Do you posses the technology to blog, post on social sites and take quality pictures and video? (If no, please explain.)

    Do you currently blog?

    If yes, please give your blog url and a brief description of your blogging habits:

    Do you have a website?

    If yes, please give your website url:

    Do you use Facebook?

    If yes, please describe your Facebook use. (How often do you use it? How many friends do you have? What do you use it for? Do you have a Facebook Page or Group as well as a personal page?)

    Do you use Twitter?

    If yes, please describe your Twitter use. (How often do you use it? What do you use it for?)

    Do you use YouTube?

    If yes, please describe what you do on You Tube? Have you ever posted a video to YouTube? Have you ever posted an art-related video to YouTube?

    If you were to be chosen to be a part of this experiment, please list at least three ways you would promote the use of your Mirrix Loom online:





    Why you should be a participant
    Why do you want to participate in Social Market for a Mirrix?

    Write a sample blog post (250 words) answering this question: “Why did you begin creating art?” This will act as a writing sample.

    How do you feel you would benefit from being a Social Market for a Mirrix participant?

    Please attach pictures of any artwork you have done (bead or fiber related especially)


    Thank you,

    Claudia Chase & Elena Zuyok

    Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms

  • Share-Sponsorship

    We have one spot left for share-sponsorship as of 1/23/2014

    Is your weaving/beading related business interested in sponsoring Social Market for a Mirrix? In exchange for a variety of opportunities to be featured on our website, in blog posts, in our newsletter and on social media while we look for our Social Market for a Mirrix participants (January-April) and during one entire month of the nine months the program will run. You will also have an opportunity to give your own products (beads, supplies, tools related to weaving) to our participants for them to write about. Please email us to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

    What you get:
    -Mention on Mirrix’s website, blog and newsletter as a sponsor of Social Market for a Mirrix for the nine months of the campaign, plus more specific recognition during your month of targeted sponsorship.

    -A blog post dedicated to your company during the month of targeted sponsorship.

    -The chance to send products (during your month of targeted sponsorship) to our participant(s) to be reviewed or simply blogged about.

    -The option for other promotional inclusion. If you are having a contest, even or are launching a new product let us know and we will be happy to share with our customers.

    What we ask from you:
    -At least three posts on your website, blog or social media pages about Social Market for a Mirrix while we are looking for people to take part (from now until March 17th). You can learn more here: http://www.mirrixlooms.com/community/smfam2014/ about the program. Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on any points of the program.

    -At least three posts on your website, blog or social media pages about Social Market for a Mirrix during ONE month of our campaign. Please let me know which month you’d like (May-December 2014). We will let you know if there is a conflict with another share-sponsor.

    -A logo and a brief blurb with information about your company for our website as well as any links you’d like to share

    -More in-depth information about your company for a blog post during the month of your targeted sponsorship

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