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Embroidered Split Loom Necklace

Hi everyone! I am back from my trip to Oklahoma and ready to blog again. Thank you all for your patience while I took some time off.

I have been working on my split loom necklace as I showed on my last post. I wanted to adhere it to some super soft black goatskin leather and I am in midstream of doing that.


I wanted to try something different and see how well it would work out. So far I am liking the results and I am finding benefits to this as well. By doing brick stitch on the edges through both layers of leather, I am capturing the side thread and it is nearly disappearing as I do that. I have also decided to do some surface work to this. Not sure exactly what yet, but I will have plenty of time to think about it as I go…this edging is going to take me a couple more days. The clasp I have pretty much decided on, but have several options to also think about. I am hoping to order the beads for my next project real soon. Can’t wait to get going on that 😀 I shall update you again in a few days.

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