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I told you so!

As I was packing beads and way too many kits to haul off to Convergence where we had a booth in July, Elena said:  “These are fiber weavers.  They are not going to buy beads and kits.”

“Sure they will,” I said with complete certainty.

Guess who was correct?  Turns out the customers at Convergence were looking for . . . drum roll . . . LOOMS.

The good news is I didn’t haul that much stuff.  There isn’t really enough to put on the website, so I thought I would list them here.  All you have to do is add up your total and send a PayPal payment to: claudia@mirrixlooms.com.  Shipping is $6.00 no matter how much you buy, so please remember to add that.

First Deal:

Eleven five gram tubes of those amazing CzechMates.  These beads all have two holes and YES you can weave them on a Mirrix Loom.

What can you do with these beads and a Mirrix Loom?  I’ll show you.

A combination of super duos and size 8/0 beads on a leather cuff.


Weave this on a hand-painted silk warp.  You can find the silk here.  The beads are a combination of ChechMate Tile beads and Superduos as edging.


This last one is a little wild. Silk warp and a combination of every bead in this collection.  I threw in some porcelain beads at both ends.  Yes, it was fun to weave and just as fun to wear.


Here are the beads:   The colors are beautiful.  Some are mixes I made and some are single colors.  You’ll love them all and then work really well together: 1 box each of 6mm Lentils,  3/6 mm bricks, 5/16 mm two hole daggers; 2 boxes each of 5/16 mm triangles and 6 mm tiles; 4 boxes of Superduos (my favorite!).  Eleven 5 gram boxes in all for $35 (plus $6 shipping).  The bad news is there are only five bags of these beads left.



In case you are not aware of the shape of these beads, I borrowed some photos to show you:  365-36 371-06 366-06 364-25 280-516 250-66


I thought I would play with the Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet’s size both beads and cuff.  Instead of using size 8/0 beads, I wanted to use 11/0 beads.  The cuff became a 3/4 inch cuff versus a one inch cuff.  The spring is a 14 dent spring instead of a 10 dent spring.  It’s a finer version of the original cuff and I am sure someday we will get around to listing it on the website.  But if you want it now (price $69 plus $6 shipping) you can order by just making a payment to our  paypal account: claudia@paypal.com.  We have nine of these kits available, but if they are popular we will make more!



Kit includes: two 3/4 inch brass cuffs, hand-painted silk, novelty yarn, 20 grams of 11/0 seed beads,C-Lon beading cord and thread, E-6000 glue, ultra-suede.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: claudia@mirrixlooms.com.  Flat shipping $6 even if you buy them all.

5 Responses to I told you so!

  1. Susan murry - Reply

    August 11, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    C. do you have any Czech mates available?
    I would like 2.

    • Claudia Chase - Reply

      August 11, 2014 at 10:21 pm

      Yes, we do. Just send $76 to our paypal account: claudia@mirrixlooms.com. We will have it in the mail to you tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what you do with these gorgeous beads. And to think, when we were little kids the beads were ten colors with one hole. Now the selection is almost overwhelming. I have this silly fantasy where I travel back in time with my collection of beads and sell jewelry made from it that no one else could even imagine. Okay, I have a very over-active fantasy life! And while I am there I also buy a lot of Apple stock!

  2. Bev Komisaruk - Reply

    August 12, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Do you have any Czech mates still available? I would like two.
    Thank you,

    • mirrixlooms - Reply

      August 13, 2014 at 10:27 am

      Yes, if you provide your email address I can send you an i novice or otherwise just send $76 to the claudia@mirrixlooms.com paypal account.

  3. Bev Komisaruk - Reply

    August 13, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Hi Elena ,
    My email address is rickom@charter.net
    This is for the 2 Czech mates.
    Thank you,
    Bev Komisaruk

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