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Inside and Out Inspiration for Weavings

Winter has descended.  Elena is still in shock.  A week in New Hampshire will not acclimate her to two things:  cold and sunshine.  I think she will not miss the cold but might miss the sunshine just a little.

We decided it would be a perfect day to take pictures of patterns/nature from both inside and outside of the house.  Who knows, there could be a bead or tapestry pattern sitting in Elena’s iphone when we are done.

First we started with the peppers Zach grew that are hanging in the window.

Photo taken through window.

Bark . . . I love this one.
Bark . . . I love this one even more.  I see a weaving in both of these.
Branch tangles.

One Response to Inside and Out Inspiration for Weavings

  1. ASpinnerWeaver - Reply

    January 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Fun! I love to do this, too. Weaving patterns can be found anywhere.
    The window peppers are interesting.

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