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Is Your Next Craft Addiction Weaving Fiber on a Loom? (Free Ebook)

You know it’s out there… your next craft addiction. It might just be weaving fiber on a loom. weaving fiber on a loom

Whether is it tapestry weaving, Inkle weaving, Saori weaving or even adding fiber to your bead pieces, Mirrix Looms are the perfect looms for weaving fiber.

We believe that the best craft supplies make the best pieces, and the happiest artists. Once you invest in a Mirrix, it will give you a lifetime of weaving enjoyment.

We have a brand new ebook available to download that goes over all the basics of weaving fiber on a Mirrix Loom!

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of set-up & warping
  • What types of fiber pieces you can make on a Mirrix
  • All about weaving tapestry & some basic tapestry techniques
  • About Mirrix’s great weaving accessories
  • And more!

Click below to download the free ebook !

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