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Jerry Rigged for a 16 Dent

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks. I honestly had nothing new to share. I suddenly had requests for other things, paying customers I had to accommodate and new living room flooring to install. More juggling :)

I had every intention to be all done with this today. Making four of the same thing is a very grueling task. I do have the third panel started and working on it all day tomorrow. When I warped the loom this time, I used the 14 dent instead of the 18 dent I used last time. As I finished warping it all I could think was that the spaces looked fairly far apart and I started panicking. The last panel I made had a bit of a ruffle in it, so I thought I should useĀ  the next size down so that wouldn’t happen again. I started to bead it and asked Elena about a 16 dent. She gave me this link


I was too panicked and distracted to read it through until I understood what it said. So I figured ok, I have to make this come closer, how am I going to do that. So I loosened the warp so I could play with the spring. How was I going to bring the spring closer together? Then I spied my elastics LOL Perfect solution! So this is what I did. I had to loosen the warp about 4 times and adjust all 4 elastics in each corner before I got it right. I had the first row of Delicas on there to know exactly what space size was going to work.

DSC_1008So that is how I Jerry rigged the loom to work for me :)

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