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Jewelry for sale on Mirrix website soon!

With the new website will come a new section in our store where I will be selling my beaded jewelry.  To that end I’ve been taking pictures of some recent work I thought I would share with you.  If you can’t wait until my jewelry hits the website, you can pay through check or paypal.  Email me for details.  Shipping in the continental U.S. is free.
Detail of below necklace

Circular herringbone weave and a triangle peyote and herringbone clasp: $169

Circular herringbone: $69

Circular Herringbone: $69

Circular herringbone with triangle herringbone and peyote triangle clasp: $165

Detail of above

Mis-matched triangle herringbone and peyote earrings: $45

Herringbone and peyote earrings: $45

Herringbone and peyote earrings: $45

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