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Mirrix-Ware: We’re bringin’ it back!

A few years ago Mirrix President Claudia Chase came up with a fantastic idea: Have Mirrix owners share their love of Mirrix Looms with their friends and neighbors in exchange for credits that could be used in the Mirrix Store to get more goodies! These sessions could either be one-on-one or “Mirrix parties”. The program was fairly successful and quite a few Mirrix enthusiasts earned enough credits to treat themselves to lots of fun Mirrix stuff. However, the program seems to have fizzled out recently and we’re ready to bring it back!

Show off your Mirrix

Show off your Mirrix

Visit our website to learn more about how the program works and start earning your Mirrix credits, OR see a loom in person by visiting one of fantastic participants, today!

Email [email protected] if you’re interested in signing up!

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