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  • About

    Mirrix-Ware is a program bringing together Mirrix lovers and those who might soon be!

    Mirrix-ware is a program designed to educate future Mirrix customers and help current Mirrix owners earn “Mirrix Credits.”  So often we are asked:  “Where can I see a Mirrix in person?” And so often the answer is:  “The nearest store that carries it is in another state.”  We want to change all that and you can help and earn Mirrix Credits at the same time.

    How does it work?  We will maintain a comprehensive list of all participants on the Mirrix Loom Website including contact information such as email, Facebook, blog and/or website addresses, general location, a bio and at least one photo (or more) of work created by the participant on the a Mirrix Loom.

    What happens next?  Our potential customer finds a participant who lives nearby and contacts that person.  The two work out where and when to meet.  The participant spends a little time with the customer showing her/him all the bells and whistles of the Mirrix Loom. If the participant loves their Mirrix, they will be a natural at this.  And our potential customer will have much more confidence about working with the Mirrix Loom. When you see the Mirrix Loom at work in person the fear factor vanishes.

    If our potential customer does buy a loom after visiting with the participant, the participant will earn “Mirrix Credits” equaling 15% of the price of the loom he/she purchases*.  Here is the math in case you don’t feel like doing it:

    5″ Loreli loom: $21.75 credit
    8″ Lani Loom (without shedding device):  $23.25 credit
    8″ Lani Loom: $33.00 credit
    12″ Little Guy Loom (without shedding device): $33.75 credit
    12″ Little Guy Loom: $37.50 credit
    16″ Big Sister Loom: $42.00 credit
    22″ Zach Loom:  $48.00 credit
    28″ McKinley Loom: $59.25
    32″ Joni Loom:  $64.50 credit
    38″ Zeus Loom: $81.00 credit

    What exactly is a Mirrix Credit?  A Mirrix Credit can be applied to any Mirrix purchase. We will keep a database of your credits that can be used at any time on any Mirrix website sale.

    What are the checks and balances?  Once a participant has met with a potential customer, they will email that person’s name and email address to us. They will also ask the customer, if she/he makes an order, to email us stating that she/he met with them. Once the sale is complete, the participant’s Mirrix Credit will be entered into our database or, if they like, they can simply use it right away.

    *Please note that Mirrix-Ware credits do not apply to wholesale accounts and only apply to the first purchase made by a new customer. If the loom is on sale or part of a loom package, the 15% will be taken from the sale or discounted price.

  • Parties

    Mirrix-Ware Parties: Share The Mirrix Love

    Mirrix-Ware Parties are hosted by Mirrix owners who love their loom (or, oftentimes, looms) and want to share their love with their friends and, perhaps, with complete strangers. As a reward for all their hard work, party hosts will get 15% of every loom sale that is made as a result of their party. They will be given literature they can print and pass out and suggestions on how to make their party great! Everyone who attends one of these parties will receive a free bead pattern as a gift for attending!

    If our potential customer does buy a loom after the party, the participant will earn “Mirrix Credits” equalling 15% of the price of the loom he/she purchases*.  Here is the math in case you don’t feel like doing it:

    These are the credits the participant will get:

    5″ Loreli loom: $21.75 credit
    8″ Lani Loom (without shedding device):  $23.25 credit
    8″ Lani Loom: $33.00 credit
    12″ Little Guy Loom (without shedding device): $33.75 credit
    12″ Little Guy Loom: $37.50 credit
    16″ Big Sister Loom: $42.00 credit
    22″ Zach Loom:  $48.00 credit
    28″ McKinley Loom: $59.25
    32″ Joni Loom:  $64.50 credit
    38″ Zeus Loom: $81.00 credit

    What exactly is a Mirrix Credit?  A Mirrix Credit can be applied to any Mirrix purchase. We will keep a data base of your credits that can be used at any time on any Mirrix website sales.

    What are the checks and balances?  Once a participant has met with a potential customer, they will email that person’s name and email address to us. The participant will also ask the customer, if she/he makes an order, to email us stating that she/he met with the participant.  Once the sale is complete, the participant’s Mirrix Credit will be entered into our database or, if they like, they can simply use it right away.

  • Participants

    Mirrix-Ware Participants

    Find your state or province to find a Mirrix-Ware Participant near you!

    When you’ve found someone close by, email them with the subject “Mirrix-Ware” and set up a time and place to meet and learn more about the Mirrix Family of Looms!



    Jamie Jamison. Los Angeles, CA.

    Email address:jamison@pair.com

    Blog: ‘backyard dyer’ – http://jmjamison.wordpress.com


    Ravelry: jmjamison

    Weavolution: jmjamison


    I’m a relatively new Mirrix user. I have the ‘Big Sister’, 16″ model.

    1987 UCLA MFA in painting/printmaking
    artistic history such-as-it-is:http://www.jmjamison.com/resume/resume.html

    Inspiration: color, shape, the physicality of textile work, some notion of truth in material or the thing that distinguishes a woven piece from a painted piece.

    Some work that inspires me: Bauhaus weavers, Gunta Stölzl, Anne Albers,Marguerite Carau-Ischi, Michael Rohde



    Christina Neit. Denver, Colorado

    Email address:christina@goodquillhunting.com




    Twitter account:http://twitter.com/GdQuillHunting

    Biography: Being unique in concept is the inspiration behind Good Quill Hunting. Tucked away in the corner of the United States, Maine is where I live and work. Maine is a ‘way of life” and is chock full of unique artisans, so funding a ‘niche’ is a challenge! We happen to have the food fortune of having porcupines up here. I decided to use this resource to my benefit for creating unique jewelry designs and incorporating Native American influence. Creating this jewelry is delicate work and I hope the results are as outstanding to you as they were fun to create. In working with jewelry, I have also developed a love for intricate work with beads.

    Note: Christina now lives in Denver Colorado



    Roseanna Rosenblum. Boynton Beach, FL.

    Email address: shadowfaxinc@comcast.net

    Biography: new to Mirrix loom, used other tapestry loom. Had needlework store in New York for 10 yrs taught all forms of needlework.

    Valorie Clifton. Milton, FL

    Email address:  Valoriec@mchsi.com

    Blog or Website:   Http://www.vcartisanoriginals.com  and  http://www.vcartisanoriginals.blogspot.com

    Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/artisan.originals

    Biography:  I’ve worked with fibercrafts such as crochet, weaving, knitting, sewing, quilting and embroidery since childhood.  In my teens I discovered bead weaving on a loom and made handmade gifts using a loom that I made myself.  After a decade or so of experimenting with painting, digital art, photography, metalsmithing, sculpture and paper arts, I have returned to my roots and begun to knit, enjoy fiber arts and beadwork again.  I primarily work off-loom now for teaching purposes but I love to do loom-work in my “me time”.  I’ve been designing and teaching off-loom bead weaving for over 3 years and I’ve been publishing tutorials since February 2013.

    I recently purchased a Mirrix loom for use with tapestry and beaded tapestry weaving.  I love the shedding device, the warping bar and the adjustable tension!  I’ve fallen in love with the ease of use and the great results I get with my Mirrix!  I’ve tried many looms in my lifetime and the Mirrix is definitely my favorite loom.

    Inspiration:  I think my greatest inspiration is antiquity.  I’m drawn to old, time-honored art forms such as fibercraft, lacework and beadwork.  I love to connect the present to the past and keep traditions alive by passing on skills to new people using modern methods and materials.



    Dinah Rose. Woodstock, GA.

    Email address:dinahrose@bellsouth.net


    Biography: I have been interested in tapestry weaving for about a year and bought my loom in November. You can read my bio on my website.



    Andrea Rubinstein. Lafayette, LA.

    Email address:andrea@sfbayou.com

    Blog or Website:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Imperfections-Saori-Free-Style-Handwovens/228804707140521

    Twitter account: @sfbayou

    Ravelry: SFBayou

    Weavolution: arubinst

    Biography: I am brand new to Mirrix looms & tapestry weaving but have been weaving on other looms (4 Shaft Floor Loom, rigid heddles, Saori loom, inkle looms & simple frame looms) for about 2 years now. I started weaving after I retired in 2010 after I paid a visit to a good friend of mine who was master weaver while on vacation. Her home was filled with looms, yarn, fiber, weaving books & her fabulous weavings. She showed me how to weave twill on her table loom and it seemed like magic to me. She sent me home with Debby Chandler’s basic weaving book to read on the way home and within a few months I had found a used floor loom & fell down the (weaving) rabbit hole. More looms followed. I attended a 4 Shaft Basics class at John C Campbell Folk School and started driving 120 miles each month to weave with the members of the nearest guild (in New Orleans).

    I love weaving and the weaving community and enjoy working with lively colors. Susan Sargent is a color inspiration for me. Recently I discovered Saori weaving which lets me be more spontaneous, designing on the loom & also using some tapestry techniques. That lead me to wanting to learn even more tapestry techniques. I was able to see a demo of a friend’s Mirrix loom and then read Kirsten Glasbrook’s Tapestry Weaving book, whose sense of design really caught my attention. Now I’ve got a Big Sister loom of my own and am teaching myself to warp and weave on it.

    Before I retired I worked for IBM for 30 years, and before that I worked as a art museum curator. I have a Master’s degree in Museum Practice/Art History. I also enjoy photography, Cajun music, gardening & my 2 cats, all of which serve as creative inspiration.


    New Hampshire

    Lisa Davy. Center Harbor, New Hampshire

    Email address:dldavy@lr.net


    Facebook: Lisa Davy

    Website: ldrproductions.com (not weaving related)

    Twitter account: daluckee

    Biography: I have had a Mirrix 22 inch that I did on tapestry loom for 8 or so years, and since January I have purchased a 12 and 16 inch. I have done more beadweaving than tapestry though. I love beadweaving and do pieces as wide as the loom will allow. I may not be very experienced but I love to figure out easier ways to do things and have been, imho.


    New York:

    Joy P. Duskin. Rochester, New York

    Email address: joyous50@gmail.com

    Facebook: Joy P Duskin

    Biography: I got a Mirrix Loom at the end of March as a birthday gift. I was already enrolled in Claudia’s “Craftsy” class “Bead & Tapesty Cuffs”, I have enjoyed working on the Mirrix Loom. I got the 16″ Big Sister. I am a beginner on the Mirrix Bead & Tapestry Loom, but I have had previous experience in Graduate School. The looms we used were very big wooden Tapestry Looms.
    I graduated from the School of American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). My focus was on weaving My graduate thesis focused on Multi-layered Techniques with monofilament(as the warp & weft) & screening Printing the images that I put in between the layers that formed pockets. After Graduate school I continued working as a Sign Language Interpreter for The College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at RIT. I did some weaving after Grad school but focused more on Surface Design Techniques with silk.. I sold my work at craft fairs for several years. I ‘ve had the privlidge of studing with Master Teachers: such as Jan Myers~Newberry, Akemi Cohen ,Michele Wipplinger, Joan Morris, Jane Dunnewold, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Kerr Grabowski. The classes have been in felting, Natural Dyeing, Nuno felting. Shibori has been one of my favorite techniques. I taught as an Adjunct Instructor for 10 years(1998-2008) teaching “Silk Painting” (really it was more of a survey of silk painting, dyeing, compression & manipulations of fabric at RIT. The last few years I taught specifically for the School of American Crafts.
    If you have anymore questions for me feel free to contact me.

    Inspiration: The changes in the seasons in Western New York…The vibrant colors of Fall..The achromatic black to white in the winters & the burst of colors in Spring…



    Kathe Todd-Hooker. Albany, Oregon

    Email address:kathetoddhooker@comcast.net

    Blog: http://www.kathetoddhooker.blogspot.com/

    Facebook: Kathe Todd-Hooker

    Website: Don’t have one right now because of domain problems with my name. I been using the finefiberpress.com and my blog as a web page.

    Biography: My experience with the Mirrix loom has been teaching others in my classes that have Mirrix Looms. I also own a Mirrix loom and love weaving on it although I have only just finished 2 small format pieces on it and am starting a third. I will be using the Mirrix for almost all  of my demonstrations of tapestry technique.

    Ms Todd- Hooker has written 4  books- Shaped TapestryTapestry 101 ,Lines in Tapestryand So Warped.  She has written numerous articles for national and international publications that include such diverse subject matter as tapestry, tapestry technique, Russians Old Believers, journaling   and reviews of various books.

    Her education includes studies in Pre-law and archaeology at Walla Walla College,  Bakersfield College, undergraduate pre-law at Portland Community College and Portland State,  A bachelor of arts from a Joint program  in Craft Design between Oregon School of Arts and Craft and a MIAS from Oregon State University in Craft Design, History and Clothing , textiles and related arts.

    Ms. Todd-Hooker is the owner and administrator for the tapestry2005 list which has been in existence since 1996 and has over 420 members.  She has held many offices in her local guild in Corvallis, Oregon and Tapestry Forum and the American Tapestry Alliance.

    Ms Todd –Hooker is co owner with Pat Spark in the business Fine Fiber Press since 2002.

    Ms.  Todd-Hooker has taught nationally and internationally in her field of tapestry weaving and small format tapestry weaving , design, colour theory and the Old Believers since the late 70’s. . She  has shown nationally and internationally in such diverse places as Taiwan, Poland, Hungry, and Canada. Her record includes showing in Small Expressions 14 times and exhibiting extensively since 1980.

    Susan Kirby Bonanza, Oregon

    Email address: Susanki@gmail.com

    Facebook: Susan Kirby

    Biography: I am a relative novice at weaving, having completed the two weave along projects for the Tapestry Cuff and the Elegant Cuff. I purchased my Mirrix two years ago planning to learn both bead and fiber weaving on the loom. Then life intruded. After much encouragement from Elena, I got it out of the box and watched the warping CD a number of times. Now I feel very comfortable with the loom and am starting to love what I can make. For Christmas, I am making bracelets for each one of my grandchildren. I would love to demonstrate the loom to anyone in the local area.

    I have many hobbies including running, reading, and beading. My full time career is in Business, where I work in Human Resources and Finance. But my passion is my family. Please feel free to contact me via email. I am glad to help.

    Inspiration: My inspiration is nature, primarily flowers. God must have been smiling as he created all the colors, shapes, and textures that we are allowed to enjoy. Since I am unable to grow them very successfully, beading helps satisfy my longing to produce color.



    Hariamrit Khalsa. Tennessee.

    Email address:kathetoddhooker@comcast.net

    Facebook: Hariamrit Khalsa

    Ravelry: Goatlady

    Weavolution: hariamrit

    Biography: I got my Mirrix 12” Little Guy last year. In the last year I have made mostly bracelets and have plans to make a beaded tapestry which is where my interests lie. Making bracelets has allowed me to learn and enjoy my Mirrix. I love the Mirrix very easy to use. The amazing thing about the Mirrix loom is that it has allowed me to make beautiful pieces in a short time. The versatility of the Mirrix has inspired me. The bead fiber combination, the ease of warping the loom (which was something I disliked on a regular loom), the add-ons that you can get, and the fact that you can get a no-warps-ends kit, won me over. I am inspired by the creative process. I love the planning and thinking about a project and what I want to accomplish. I have done needlepoint, embroidery, macrame, and am an avid knitter.



    Regina Dale. Bartonville, Texas (Noth Texas Area)

    Email address:hwherbs@verizon.net

    Website address:www.howlingwolfherbs.com


    Regina weaves beads and fiber and owns the following looms as well as a Mirrix treadle.

    -5″ Mini Mirrix
    -12″ Little Guy
    -22″ Zach

    Howling Wolf Herbs 817-319-6624

    By trade I am a Master Herbalist and Clinical Aromatherapist.  However, my passion is fiber.  My husband and I live on a 20 acre farm with alpacas, angora goats, Corridale sheep, chickens,  and horses.  I process and spin my own fiber.  I also weave, knit and crochet.  I use my hand dyed mohair and wool in my tapestries.  I have used both seed beads and Delica beads in my bead weaving.  I love the ease of use of the Mirrix looms for both tapestry and bead weaving.

    Deborah Hobbs. Canyon Lake, TX

    Email address:deb_hobbs2000@yahoo.com

    Facebook:  Deb Hobbs

    Biography: I am a novice beader.  I am interested in many different kinds of crafts and love working with seed beads on looms.  I have made an amulet bag on my Mirrix loom, but nothing more involved yet.  I am newly retired from over thirty years of registered nursing.  I am currently creating a craft studio at a conference and retreat center.  I hope to share my love of beads with other adults and hold classes in our center.  I hope to invite more experienced instructors to teach, such as members of the Hill Country Bead Society, Austin Bead Society, or San Antonio Bead and Ornament Society, as well as be a demonstrator myself.  I am currently the craft instructor at the retreat center for children’s summer camp.

    Lydia Kendrick (Kendrick Kreations). San Marcos, Texas

    Email address:kendrick4343@gmail.com

    Blog or Website:http://kendrickkreations.weebly.com

    Facebook: kendrick43, Kendrick Kreations

    Ravelry: kendrick43, Kendrick Kreations (group)

    Weavolution: kendrick43

    Biography: I have been using a Mirrix Zach for just over a month now, weaving tapestry diaries on a daily basis, and I just can’t say enough about this loom!  It’s been a joy to work with.  The shedding device is wonderful and I really like the results I’m getting.  While I’ve only been weaving since 2009, I’ve put in more hours than most during that time and weaving has become my life.  Started my business in 2010, weaving for shows, teaching, and as an agent for a couple of loom companies.  Member:  Wimberley Valley Art League, Complex Weavers and Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin.

    Inspiration:  I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature and from color and do quite a bit of weaving outdoors as well.  Installed a weaving garden in 2010.  There is weaving everywhere here — on the fences, in the trees, on the front porch between the posts and on outdoor weaving frames.  I love combining wild colors and textures!



    Elena Zuyok. Seattle, Washington.

    Email address:elena@mirrixlooms.com

    Website address:www.mirrixlooms.com

    Biography: Elena is the marketing director for Mirrix Looms. She isn’t really participating in the Mirrix-Ware program, but would be happy to meet with anyone in the area to go over the basic functions of the Mirrix Loom and show off her looms!



    Carol Beuth, Burlington, Ontario

    Email address: 4blessingsfromGod@gmail.com

    Biography: I haven’t made a whole lot with my Mirrix as yet. I bought it during the school year and we homeschool, so during the summer will be my chance! I started a bead weaving, but I’m eager to start a tapestry and to teach 3 of my 4 children how to weave too. Our children are 8, 6, 3 and 1. I love all sorts of crafts and want to get my children involved with most of them.  I’m very pleased with my Mirrix purchase and hope that I would be able to help someone else be able to see what a wonderful loom this is!