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Free Projects

Download any of our completely free Mirrix projects in .pdf form. Feel free to buy the kits that accompany each project, or use your own supplies! Please be patient when downloading these documents, they may take a moment to load. Don’t have a .pdf reader? Download the Adobe .Pdf Reader FREE here.

Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet (buy kit here)



Jewel Cuff Bracelet (buy kit here) jewel cuff

Mini Heart Tapestry Wall-Hanging (buy kit here)


Affinity Bracelet (buy kit here)

affinity bracelet

The Mirrix Starter Bracelet

heart bracelet

The Fiber & Bead Dog Collar 



The Blue Hibiscus Bracelet (buy kit here)

FullSizeRender 21


The Tapestry Tree Holiday Ornament (buy kit here) 

Tapestry Tree 
Holiday Ornament


The Bauble Bracelet (buy kit here)bauble bracelet

No Warp-Ends Checkerboard Bracelet (buy kit here)

checkerboard bracelet


Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet

beaded leather cuff bracelet

Dessert Crystal Cuff Bracelet desert bracelet kit No Warps To Weave In Bracelet (buy kit here) no warps to weave in bracelet kit The Greek Key Beaded Purse (buy the kit here) beaded purse

Bead & Wire Changing Seasons Bracelet

changing seasons bracelet


The Swirl Split-Loom Necklace

free project: swirl split-loom necklace

The Textural Tapestry Wall-Hanging

Textural Tapestry Wall-Handing Ebook