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Rock Series: Sample 2

rock wevaing

Here is my second try for the rock sample series.  For this photo I thought it would be fun to show you where the sliced rocks are coming from, so I placed it on my dad’s hand-made concrete kitchen counters.  I’ve been using the cast offs.  My mom says that while he planned and made the counter tops, my dad deliberately chose to use a lot of rocks that featured lines going around them, which I find serendipitous since that’s exactly what I wanted to add to them as soon as I started brainstorming about weaving.

This time around I used C-LON beading cord as warp and my sett was 18, a big step from last week’s 12.  I wanted to see if I could easily do weft faced weaving with it at that sett using Mirrix’s painted silk for weft.  It turned out that it was a bit challenging and the warp showed through if I didn’t beat it hard.  You can see evidence of this where the weaving got wider and the green lines are bent instead of strait.  So, I’ll go with a 16 or 14 sett next time.

Here I am weaving it up at a beach in Gibsons BC Canada where I’m spending the summer with my parents and friends this year.  I can’t complain.

Janna Maria Vallee

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