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Social Market for a Mirrix 2014-Christina Neit Intro

Hi Everyone! I am Christina Neit (aka Good Quill Hunting and sometimes fondly referred to as ‘Quilly’) and a previous ‘Social Market for a Mirrix’ winner, 2010 and one of this year’s Designers of the Year for Beadwork magazine. I am so happy to have been selected to do this again!  I had such a great time learning the ‘Big Sister’ loom last time.  This time I opted for “Little Guy’ and it is just as incredible, only slightly smaller.


I have some new ideas I would like to try out this time around. I may make another piece over that I made last time and really loved (and sold right after I made it) and I have a piece (split loom necklace) I started many years ago on an old loom I had before the Mirrix loom. In moving from Maine to Colorado almost 4 years ago, the bottom threads on the loom were cut, so as a result, I have to start it completely over, which is fine because now I can put it on the Mirrix, I even have all the beads and the pattern has not been lost :) So those are some starting points until I get in my grove again.

This one I did last time that I would love to make another one of.

This one I did last time that I would love to make another one of.

You all may remember this one.

You all may remember this one.

I have some old videos from last time on YouTube and that is where you will find all the new ones I am going to be doing. Hopefully much better than the last ones I did! LOL I am also considering doing a Google Hangout or a Hangout ‘On Air’, we shall see and I will most certainly let you know in advance.

Where else can you find me? Facebook/Facebook Biz/Twitter/LinkedIn/DotCom

I hope I am able to inspire you and bring you new ideas. Cheers to Claudia and Elena for having the most awesome loom there is!

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