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Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet

Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet


Welcome to a new concept in Mirrix projects. Projects+, a collection of bead and fiber projects in ebook form.

Each project will come with a list of tools and materials, most of which will be available on our website, but unlike traditional kits, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you need and what you don’t.

This Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet is a beautiful bracelet that’s easy to weave and even easier to finish. The ebook has 17 pages of detailed, full-colored instructions detailing how to how to warp, weave and finish.

You will be emailed this ebook after purchase!

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  • Description

    Product Description

    What you’ll need for this project:

    A Mirrix Loom (of course)
    Any size will work! Find our looms here.

    A No Warp-Ends Kit
    With the kit you won’t have ends to tie off and fold over. It is the easiest approach to this bracelet. However, if you don’t have the kit (and remember it does come with the 5″ Mini Mirrix and is really a great investment for other looms since the concept of having no warps to sew in can really open many wonderful possibilities for you) you can still easily weave this piece.You will just have to tie off your warp ends and bury them between the bead woven piece and the leather cuff. No big deal. You can use an 18 dent spring if you have one, but if you don’t the 14 will work in a pinch. Just squeeze the coils together a bit and then place them under tension. Find the No Warp-Ends Kit here.

    A beading needle
    We love the Tulip beading needles, but it’s your choice! You can find them here.

    Another shorter beading needle
    This will be used to sew the beaded piece to the ultra-suede and to sew the edging of beads all around the cuff.
    Flex Wire needles are great. You can find them here.

    A ¾ inch leather cuff
    You can find them here. Any color will do. The “saddle tan” color is used in this example, but black is fine especially if you are doing your own thing with the colors.

    Some ultra-suede 
    You can find that here. We sell it in black and beige.

    C-Lon beading thread
    You can find some of that here. You want your beading thread and the ultra suede you are using to match.

    E6000 glue
    We’ve got some here for you. It’s great for attaching the bead work and the ultra-suede to the cuff.

    Size 11/0 Delica beads
    We list the exact beads we used in the sample piece in the ebook, but you can certainly use what you have in your stash!

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