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FAQ: Tension & Bead Weaving

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Tension. In bead weaving, it’s a good thing! In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of weaving beads. One of the benefits of weaving beads on a loom is that the loom holds the tension for you and, with

FAQ: An Alternative Way to Balance Your Warping Bar

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Sometimes you want to make a piece that’s much thinner than the width of the loom you’re weaving on. If you weave a thin piece in the center of your loom, you may have the problem of an unstable warping


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A new concept in Mirrix projects has arrived.  Projects+ is a collection of bead and fiber projects in ebook form. Each project will come with a list of tools and materials, most of which will be available on our website.

How easy is it to weave beads?

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This morning I got a great question that I feel deserves a blog post (thanks, Sue!). Is weaving beads [on a loom] easier than bead weaving with a needle? While I cannot answer this with a simple “yes” or “no”,  since

The work of Steven and William Ladd

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I got an email today from a customer who saw an exhibit at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego called function and fantasy. She said there was a video at the exhibit that mentioned and showed a Mirrix Loom

Kids Can Weave!

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Last Sunday Claudia taught a class at NOA Gallery in Groton, MA with the gallery’s wonderful owner Joni Parker-Roach. NOA is a gorgeous art gallery and also offers wonderful art classes for adults and children. When I was a kid

Weave-Along Crystal & Bead Cuff (week two)

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Cut in the middle of the warps connecting the two woven pieces. Trim the loops off the other two ends.     Tie overhand knots with two warp bundles on left and two warp bundles on the left.  In order

Bead and Crystal Cuff Weave-Along (week one)

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Welcome! The concept of this project is to combine three different types of beads/crystals of different sizes in one piece.  You can either follow my example exactly, or just follow the concept.  You can use any combination of colors you

A New Class

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Looking for the perfect gift? For only $15 take our online Craftartedu class, the Crystal and Bead Wrap Bracelet with Claudia Anne Chase. “In this beginner level CraftArtEdu class, learn how to weave beads on a loom to create a colorful

Next Weave along: Crystal and Bead Cuff Bracelet

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I made a zillion of these and then gave most of them away.  I was in one of those moods.  This bracelet weaves up very quickly.  It probably takes longer to finish (attach to cuff and embellish) than it does