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Other Bead Looms

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By Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase (This post is adapted from a post from the post “Bead Looms” written in 2009) I was just playing around here and at other bead sites looking at other bead looms. What I found: there is

Want to turn your photos into bead weavings? (15% off BCP)

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We know your phone and camera are full of amazing pictures. You have pictures of your latest vacation, your doga or cat, your kids and grandkids and even some great artsy shots of flowers. Wouldn’t some of these photos look

Wrapped Leather and Bead Bracelets

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This beautiful (and free!) wrap leather and bead bracelet tutorial is by Kim Holowatiuk Sleepy Holow Leather & Custom Beading www.sleepyholowcustomleather.com Kim Holowatiuk is owner of Sleepy Holow Leather & Custom Beading in Alberta Canada. She has been making custom hand carved and

Product Feature: The No Warp-Ends Kit

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The No Warp-Ends Kit is one of our best selling accessories here at Mirrix Looms. And no wonder, it makes weaving small beaded pieces so fun and easy! What does it do? The no warp-ends kit eliminates the need to weave-in warp

New iPhone? Weave this Case!

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Smart phones have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger.  Petty soon there will be smartphone suitcases to haul them around in.  The best way to keep up with the changes is to make your own. I admit it, I am

September Share-Sponsor for Social Market for a Mirrix: VC Artisan Originals

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We asked Valorie of VC Artisan Originals  a few questions about her company as part of VC Artisan Originals’ September share-sponsorship of Social Market for a Mirrix 2014! Be sure to check out www.VCArtisanOriginals.com  for more about Valorie and her work as well

What’s your Mirrix Story?

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Have you started a business selling work you made on a Mirrix? Has your Mirrix allowed you to weave when other looms couldn’t due to an injury or disability? Did you realize your artistic talent for the first time when

Finishing Loom Woven Beadwork Jewelry

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It was suggested to me that this is a topic of interest to many bead weavers.  I have to confess, I am writing this from the cockpit of a sailboat boat (husband’s midlife crisis was to fix up a salvage