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Making something really cool out of a warp failure

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I have been on a roll weaving hand-painted silk into tapestry cuffs that are backed with ultra-suede and trimmed with beads.  It’s fun, it’s relaxing and I love the final product.  All good things. This weekend I warped up my

What can you create (with hand-painted silk)?

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My favorite part of working at Mirrix is seeing what everyone creates. From the work of professionals to your first pieces, seeing customer work always puts a smile on my face. In this spirit of sharing, creativity and inspiration, we are planning

On The Second Day of Mirrix-Days My True Love Gave to Me…

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…Six skeins of hand-painted silk yarn!                   Get 15% off six skeins of hand-painted (seriously, we paint these ourselves!) silk. Perfect for combining with beads or using on their own. Make a Tapestry/Bead

I told you so!

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As I was packing beads and way too many kits to haul off to Convergence where we had a booth in July, Elena said:  “These are fiber weavers.  They are not going to buy beads and kits.” “Sure they will,”

What you can do (slowly) with Hand painted Silk

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I have been playing (slowly) with hand painted silk.  The eyeglass case, which is still on the loom, is now not wanting to be an eyeglass case.  More about that tomorrow when I take it off the loom. To find

Slow Art/Craft

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I am going to start off this post the way I originally planned to start it which is:  Looking for a quick and easy project to give away as a gift, something you can make in an hour or two

Playing with Color: Painting Silk

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Mom has always been the color goddess. She just has a sense about those things. That’s why I was a little apprehensive trying my hand at silk painting, but with a little help I’m addicted. It wasn’t easy, but it was so

Creativity and making things

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I haven’t written a post in a long time.  Forgive me.  I was dwelling on old things and the day to day of running Mirrix and life.  But during that time I have also been making new things.  Something I