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The Day After Thanksgiving

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The day after Thanksgiving . . . cold and overcast and feeling like snow is on its way. . . ah, it is here, light dusting on the pasture and making the woods around it look kind of white. I

Bead weaving with a Cartoon

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Although computers and graph paper are great tools for creating designs for bead weaving, there are other options. Designing an image to weave on a bead loom is not as daunting as it seems. If you look around your home,

Tapestry Versus Pattern Weaving

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Tapestry and cloth weaving have less in common than their sharing of the word “weaving” would indicate. Both are indeed weaving and share the following characteristics: They rely on the interlacement of warp and weft; the warps (the threads that

What’s In A name

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Whether or not an object is art has little to do with materials and functionality and has everything to do with intent and voice. The difference between an object that is craft and an object that is art is not


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At long last, I begin this blog. This blog is basically dedicated to creativity: mine and yours. The other day a friend asked me: “What do you feel when you create artwork?”I answered: “Peaceful and present. It takes me to