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The Dog Collar Project: Day One

My husband Alex and I recently adopted a puppy. His name is Sam (you can follow him on Twitter @ClimateDog… yeah my dog is 11 weeks old and has more followers than me). Right now he has a harness and no collar, which, since he’s just learning to walk on a leash, is probably best. But at some point in the future, we know we’re going to want a fancy collar for the little guy. It wasn’t hard to decide to weave one. I decided to make it similar to a tapestry/cuff bracelet with beads, silk and novelty yarn. It is 3/4 of an inch wide, 7 warps using a 10 dent spring. I chose blues and greens for this. Actually, Alex did. He wanted the colors of the local Seattle soccer team, the Sounders
As I continue weaving, I will purchase some dog collar hardware to make it a functioning collar rather than just a doggy necklace! 
Check back for updates. 
The Sounders Collar, started

Sam, sometimes known as “Sam Sounders” 

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