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Workshops, Classes & Events

NOA Gallery Bracelet Class

Do you have a tapestry/bead weaving workshop or class (where Mirrix Looms are used/can be used) going on that you’d like to list here? Contact us!

Click here for a list of bead and tapestry weaving instructors.

  • Workshops/Classes

    Kathe Todd-Hooker, “Tapestry 101″
    Albany, OR
    August 22-24, 2015. Tapestry 101 and a little more! is a class for beginning tapestry weavers and or those who would like to add new skills to what they already know. And, yes, it will include weft blending, hatching, an intro to soumack, circles,and lines, etc. discussions of materials, scale and format, loom control with discussions of and solutions to tapestry weaving problems.
    Cost for 3 days is 275.00 with the possibility of 4 days at 400.00. Please contact kathetoddhooker@comcast.net if you are interested.

    Kathe Todd-Hooker, “Tapestry, Soumack and Friends” 
    Albany, OR
    August 29—31, 2015 and for anyone who wishes to extend the class for 5 days for further study of Soumack and friends.
    Cost is $275 for 3 days or $400.00 for the full 5 days. Please contact kathetoddhooker@comcast.net if you are interested.

    Foundations in Tapestry Design
    A Four-day workshop at Elizabeth Buckley’s studio in Albuquerque, NM
    Friday, Nov. 6 – Monday, Nov. 9 , 2015 from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.
    An intimate class:  limited to 7 students

    This intermediate level workshop is an overview of fundamental design principles that apply to effective tapestry design.
    We will examine how to coordinate technique with design, rather than copy a photograph or a painting.
    Create several designs, fine-tune one, make a cartoon, and begin weaving a study.
    Students from all tapestry traditions are welcome!
    For more information, visit  http://www.elizabethbuckleytapestryartist.com/upcoming-workshops/

  • Online Classes

    Craftsy: Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

    Craftartedu.com: Beginner Tapestry Class

    Craftartedu.com: Crystal and Bead Wrap Bracelet Class

    Rebecca Mezoff’s Online Tapestry Class: Learn more here.

  • Private Lessons

    Seattle Private Lessons:

    If you live in or are visiting the Seattle area, you can make an appointment for a private beginning weaving or warping lesson with Elena Zuyok. Please email her elena@mirrixlooms.com to schedule a time to meet.

    Cost: $45 per hour

    New Hampshire Private or Group Lessons with Mirrix President Claudia Chase:

    Learn bead weaving or tapestry weaving on the Mirrix Loom.  Come for an hour or two or an entire day.  A course in either medium will take you through the basics of loom setup, planning and designing a pattern, weaving and finishing.  Spend a couple of days and explore either or both mediums in depth.

    Cost: $60 per hour

    Workshops will be held in Claudia’s studio in Francestown, New Hampshire.

    Francestown is a picture perfect New England town.  Claudia’s studio overlooks a pasture with a mountain range in the distance to guarantee inspiration.

    If you are spending the night, stay at one of the following nearby local Inns:

    The Greenfield Inn located in Greenfield, five miles away

    The Inn at Crotched Mountain located a few miles from Claudia’s studio in Francestown

    The Harrisville Inn in Harrisville, about 16 miles away.  This town is the home of Harrisville Yarns!

    Please email or call Claudia for more information and to schedule a workshop:  claudia@mirrixlooms.com or 603-562-8589