All The Holiday Things!

The Holiday Cheer Sale:

While Mirrix manufacturing is busy making looms, we thought we'd have a sale on a few products we have plenty of in stock! Get 20% off a Spencer Power Treadle, BeadCreator software, heddles and more. Click here to learn all about this great sale. 

Used Looms

To take some pressure off of Mirrix manufacturing during the holiday season, we are selling some 12" Looms that were used in a workshop at a discounted price. These looms were all used for one day by one or two students. They have all of their parts and are in nearly new condition but the packaging is a bit rumpled. This is a fantastic deal only available while supplies last. Click here to purchase.

Holiday Hints:

Hoping for a loom in your stocking this year? We're bringing back holiday hints! Simply email me ( with the Mirrix loom or other product you're lusting after and the name and email of the person you'd like us to send a hint. Make sure to put "holiday hint" in the email subject. 

The Holiday Gift Guide:

Click here to view our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. In it you'll find crowd-sourced loom and loom accessory ideas for the crafter or artist in your life, kits to give and to make as gifts and some great present ideas from other companies and organizations catering to weavers.

Engraved Lacewood Clips

Looking for the perfect gift for the Mirrix weaver on your list? How about a pair of engraved Lacewood clips? We're offering our engraved clips in premium Lacewood while supplies last and at the price of the regular engraved clips. We do have a limited numbers, though, so order ASAP. 

Last Day To Order:

If you still need to order for the holidays, please order by December 15th. We are way behind schedule due to a much busier than expected holiday season, but will be working around the clock to get looms out. 

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