"But I Don't Need Another Craft." (Five Reasons Why You Do)

You have four scarves mid-knit, a blanket you've been crocheting for your sister for the past three years, a bag full of embroidery in the closet and every surface of your guest room is piled with fancy paper from that time you decided you would make your own greeting cards.

Adding a loom to your list of supplies seems like craft-overkill. But folks, I am here as an enabler with five reasons why you DO need to embark on a new craft, weaving, despite those languishing watercolors in a box in your basement. 

1.) You need something new that excites you and challenges you in new ways. Scrapbooking just wasn't for you, maybe weaving is! 

2.) You've tried knitting, crochet, embroidery and needlepoint and YOU HAVE SO MUCH YARN. Weaving tapestry is the perfect art to use up yarn scraps. Nevermind all that new yarn you'll want! 

3.) It's portable. Your foray into die-cutting was wonderful, but can you do that on a bus? In a waiting room? At town meeting? Weaving can be a very portable activity and because you can start and stop quickly (no need to finish your row!) it's perfect for someone on the go! 

4.) Learning something new is good for your brain. There is evidence that activities that are intellectually stimulating can delay dementia!

5.) You don't need much to get started. Sure you CAN have a studio full of weaving stuff, but there isn't that much you need to get started besides a loom, basic materials and some simple supplies. Check out this blog post on what you need to begin weaving on a Mirrix Loom. 

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