Summer is For Linen Warp (A Sale)

I have always loved linen. I especially love to use it for warp. But linen can be tricky. It has no elasticity and therefore if you are tying individual warp threads on a loom, getting even tension is really difficult. But, if linen is put on a loom in a continuous fashion (like on a Mirrix) its lack of elasticity does not matter.

We now carry some lovely Swedish linen warp on our website.

It comes on a cone weighing in at 500 gams (1.1 lbs.) or approximately 600 yards. That's a really big cone, so I wind it into a smaller ball before warping.

When warping with linen, make sure to tie that last warp end tight enough to be under the same tension as the other threads and you are ready to weave on linen. The final product will be stiffer than when you use cotton or wool warp. It will have a lovely, substantial feel to it. And of course, linen lasts a long time. It is the oldest fiber found in cloth fragments. If you want archival, this is a great choice for warp.

The below piece was woven on a linen warp about eighteen years ago. I left the fringe because I have a thing for linen fringe.

Photo by Molly Williams and Nick Prior

Through the end of July, we're encouraging everyone to pick up some linen and try it out with 15% off. Click here to learn more and to purchase!

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