The Make Your Gifts Loom Starter Package

We've come up with the perfect loom package to treat yourself when you're the type of person who loves treating others! Choose from three kit packages and several loom sizes for nearly everything you need to make three, four or five gifts.

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Elena Zuyok

I would definitely check out one of our kits. The Queen Nefertiti or the Rosalie Bracelets are good options. Besides the kits you’ll only need a beading needle and a piece of cloth or bead mat.

Marsha W Larson

I just would like to explore beading with my Little Guy. What’s a good way to get started? I’ve done tapestry on it and on frame looms.

Elena Zuyok

Marsha- We could definitely put something together. What were you thinking?

Marsha W Larson

What’s need is the Beads & Fiber kit without a loom as many of us already have one of your great looms. Does that look like a possibility?

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