Why I Weave: The Winner

Last week I spent the whole of one afternoon (and part of another) reading entries to our Why I Weave contest. Those we received ran the gamut, from funny and clever to heart-wrenching and sincere. There were stories of loss; how weaving pulled people from depression and sadness. There were stories of hope; how weaving provides something that can never be taken away. There were stories of connection; how weaving binds us to each other and our ancestors. There were stories about seeking balance; how weaving grounds us.

While I suspected I would learn something from reading the entries to this contest, I had no idea how connected it would make me feel to all of you. Your stories are our stories. I wish we could respond to each entry, to meet each of you, to share our stories.

And now, the winner: 

Congratulations to JacQuelineKeller. This was her entry:

I weave to draw these
Reel them out my tangled center
Each pass
Unravelling the knot I know
and know not
I have become

I weave to draw these
Help me meander
Coax fiber into Being
Shape shapeless lines
Shape shapeless dreams

I weave to draw down
Unreel them out my chaos heart
Each pass
Foundations laid in twined refined
A bridge
A shield
A flag of un-surrender

I weave to draw these
New veins fresh planes of unmarred flesh
Story of birth rebirth
Told over
Ten-fold over
Never miss a



JacQueline Keller

Thank you so much ! <3

Janna Vallee

I love this so much!


Just beautiful!

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