Mirrix 12″ Loom & Complete Course Kit Package

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Mirrix kits made just for your Craftsy course!

This product is specifically for Mirrix’s Craftsy Class: Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

Excited to begin your Tapestry and Bead Cuff Craftsy Course? 

This package comes with all three kits to make at least two variations of each bracelet taught in the course: The Affinity Bracelet , The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet and the No Warp-Ends Bracelet plus a 12" Little Guy Mirrix Loom. 

The loom comes with a 10 dent warp coil, 14 dent warp coil, 18 dent warp coil and 30 heddles as well as shedding device and handle, two wooden clips, warping bar, flat wrench, Allen wrench and coil bar.

The materials provided here are all of the absolute highest quality. Using the best equipment and the best materials helps you be successful and produce the most beautiful artwork possible.