Stay Home and Weave Weave-Along Kit

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This kit is currently out of stock. Here are some great alternatives to the items in the kit:

-Colonial Yarn Sampler Sets in Brights and Pastels
-Steel Yarn Needles
Brown Sheep wool warp 



This year our holiday sale is all about creating experiences from the comfort of your home. What better way to gift a love of weaving to yourself or someone else than with a kit that comes with an instructional weave-along that will begin in the new year! 

This kit comes with:
-Set of 3 straight bamboo needles 
-11 cards of Colonial Yarn (in the colors pictured here in this tapestry) 
-Brown Sheep wool warp 

Within 24 business hours of purchase, you will be emailed additional information about the weave-along and how to join it. It will begin on January 31st and last for three weeks. 

The weave-along will teach students how to use specific tapestry techniques to weave a tapestry similar to (but not exactly the same as) the one pictured. We will focus on weaving on the Saffron Pocket Loom, but you can use any loom for this project. 

Need a loom? Click here to purchase the The Stay Home and Weave Saffron Loom Starter Package. 

More information about the weave-along:

Students will learn:
-How to set-up and warp a Saffron Pocket Loom
-The following tapestry techniques: pick and pick, slit tapestry, weaving in opposite directions, and Soumack knotting. 
-How to weave from the bottom up and top down to achieve an easy-to-finish piece
-How to finish the tapestry 

What’s a weave along? A weave-along is a free online course. We will lead participants through a project woven on a loom. Every Sunday participants will get an email with links to instructions for the week ahead that might include downloadable .PDFs, online written content and/or videos. This is not a live event, but does take place over a specific time frame so participants are all working on the same part of the project at generally the same time. Weave-along participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites including the Mirrix Facebook Page, Mirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page. This is a community event!

When does the weave-along take place? Participants will receive three emails at the beginning of each week (On January 31st, February 7th and February 14th) and will be able to work on each lesson throughout the week. All information will be available after the weave-along for those who cannot participate in real time.

Note: The weave-along will not detail how to weave the exact same pattern as pictured, but will give you all the tools to use these colors and these techniques to make a similar tapestry of one’s own design!