2019 Summer Weaving Challenge Kit

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To help keep our wonderful community inspired this June, July and August, today we are launching Mirrix’s second Summer Weaving Challenge in collaboration with Shannon from New Weaver on The Block

This kit contains yarn, beads and other goodies that can be used as you complete the challenge. 

Click here to learn more about the challenge and to sign up and get $10 off this kit! 

We also have a Summer Weaving Challenge Kit and Loom Starter Package available here for $20 off when you join the challenge. 

The contents of this kit can be used for tapestry weaving, bead weaving, combining beads and fiber, beaded jewelry, fiber jewelry and much more. 

The Kit Contains:
16 bobbins of FARO Yarn (14 yards per bobbin) 
3 bobbins of silk ribbon (6 yards)
3 bobbins of silk yarn (12 yards) 
Linen warp: (16 yards)
Seine twine: (28 yards)
Wool warp: (16 yards)
Fifteen grams 11/0 beads
Fifteen grams 8/0 beads
Fifteen grams fire polished crystals
Two pewter buttons
Railroad yarn (3 yards)
Gold thread (15 yards)
Four O-rings
Ultra suede
Bobbin of C-Lon cord
Bobbin of C-Lon thread
Ten grams wooden beads 
One bamboo needle