Weave-Along 27 Weaving Kit

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This kit is for our 27th weave-along (Weaving Texture & Sett) beginning in September of 2018.

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Kit Comes With:

-A 5” tapestry needle
-Wool and The Gang “Crazy Sexy Wool” (200g ball of Peruvian wool. 87 yards - 80 meters) in one of three colors (Mustard Sally, Magic Mint or Hot Punk Pink). Scroll down to see colors.
-Wool and The Gang “Shiny Happy Cotton” in TV Static (100-gram ball. 155 yards -142 meters)
-Navajo Wool Warp (100-gram tube. 190 yards - 173 meters)

This kit makes one 9" x 9" weaving plus fringe. If you make a piece this size you will have plenty of leftover wool, cotton and warp and should be able to make an additional smaller piece. 

What else you need for this Weave-Along:
-A loom 12" or larger (with a 12-dent warp coil) 
-Heddles (these can be made or purchased) *Note, you can use a loom without a shedding device for this project, in which case you do not need heddles
-Sewing needle and thread
-Measuring tape

Optional: A second shedding device. We recommend this for looms 16" or larger (or the 12" with loom extenders

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