Why a Mirrix: The Mirrix Shedding Device

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My favorite part about our looms is the shedding device. This is a curious contraption to those who have yet to see it in action and a necessary one for those who use it. 

The shedding device is a thick copper bar that goes across the front of the loom and has two thin steel bars attached to it. Heddles, which are loops of string that can be purchased pre-made or made yourself, attach the warp threads to the shedding device, half attached to one steel bar and half attached to the other. When the shedding device is engaged, or turned so that it is pulling the heddles on one side or the other, half of the warp threads are lifted up. This leaves a space where you can insert your weft or strung beads. When the shedding device is moved into the opposite position, the other half of the warp threads are raised. 

This makes the weaving process faster and easier. 

Check out the video below for more on the Mirrix shedding device:




Carol- Simply remove the top half of your loom from the bottom, screw the extenders onto the threaded rod and then put the top back on. You can find a picture of a loom with extenders on it here: https://mirrixloomsblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/img_31332.jpg Hope that helps!

Carol Bartlett

I recently bought loom extenders – to fit my 10" and 12" Mirrix. But I do not understand the instructions – a photograph or two would be helpful

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