Set-Up and Warping Instructions

Don’t know how to warp a Mirrix Loom? It’s easy! Just click the type of weaving you’ll be doing and you’ll be brought to a step-by-step instructional document in .pdf form. Can’t open the .pdf? Download the Adobe .pdf reader here free.

Looking for video instructions? Click here.

Don't worry if the wooden clips on a brand-new loom don't seem to be staying in place. If you purchased a loom in the spring of 2015 or later, you may have slightly different wooden clips than pictured in some of our instructions or promotional materials. You simply need to unscrew the white plastic screws slightly, turn the screws to the back of the clip and then tighten them. Click here to see a post covering this.

Warping the 5″ Mini Mirrix Loreli Loom (.PDF) 


Warping for Tapestry with the Shedding Device (.PDF)

Warping for Tapestry using the “Easy Warp” Method

Warping for Bead Weaving using the “Easy Warp” Method


Bead Weaving without the Shedding Device (.PDF)

Warping for Bead Weaving with the Shedding Device (.PDF)

Warping with the No Warp-Ends Kit (.PDF) (Note: These instructions show warping with paperclips, not S-hooks. The concept is the same as with the S-hooks.)

Warping with the No Warp-Ends Kit (.PDF) Note: These are more basic instructions, shown with S-hooks. 

How to switch plastic clips for wooden ones: If your loom came with plastic clips and you want to switch to the newer wooden clips. This is how to install the new clips: Requires flat nose pliers to remove bushing from inside copper side bars so you can slip the clip on the loom will it will remain permanently.

Separate the top and the bottom parts of the loom (just slide the top part off) and then remove the bushings from inside the copper side bar (the silver-colored piece that is inserted into the copper) with a pair of flat nose pliers (note: some generations of looms will not have these bushings). Then you can slip the wooden clip onto the bar. Replace the bushing and place the top part of the loom back onto the bottom part.