Classes & Instructors

Upcoming Classes:

Tapestry Weaving 101 with Janna Maria Vallee
In this workshop students learn the fundamentals of the art tapestry weaving and gain a solid understanding of the process of warping up and weaving with tapestry techniques like shape building and colour blending. We also talk about how to choose yarn for your projects, how to finish your tapestry as well as how to troubleshoot tapestry-specific issues. Students will leave with a good start on a project in colours of their choosing from a range of naturally dyed yarns made by Janna.

Yarn Okanagan
Saturday, 1 June 2019
9am - 1 pm
Laurel Packing House
1304 Ellis St Kelowna BC Canada

Materials include warp yarn, naturally dyed weft yarn and a 14 page workbook. Students may purchase a Mirrix Loom from Everlea Yarn to pick up at the workshop venue at a $40 discount.

You can learn more about it here

Private Lessons

New Hampshire Private or Group Lessons with Mirrix President Claudia Chase:

Learn bead weaving or tapestry weaving on the Mirrix Loom. Come for an hour or two or an entire day. A course in either medium will take you through the basics of loom setup, planning and designing a pattern, weaving and finishing. Spend a couple of days and explore either or both mediums in depth.

Lessons will be held in Claudia’s studio in Francestown, New Hampshire.

Email for pricing and to learn more

Seattle Private Lessons:

If you live in or are visiting the Seattle area, you can make an appointment for a private beginning weaving or warping lesson with Elena Zuyok. Please email her to schedule a time to meet and to discuss pricing.

Online Classes

Craftsy: Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

Rebecca Mezoff’s Online Tapestry Class: Learn more here.





Kim Holowatiuk
Sleepy Holow Leather & Custom Beading

Janna Maria Vallee
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving



Yarnhouse Studio, Opelika, AL
Instructor Anne Sockwell
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving


Summer Larson
Santa Rosa, CA
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving


Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio
2620 Lodi Court
Fort Collins, CO  80526
(505) 927-6301

Rebecca offers online classes! Learn more here.


The Bead Boutique of Naples, Inc. Naples, FL
Instructor Marcy Scire
Teaches: Bead Weaving

Laura Arena
Teaches at A Good Yarn Sarasota in Sarasota FL.
Classes by appointment only.
Laura has been weaving since 1976 and weaving tapestry for over 6 years. She bought her first Mirrix Loom over 17 years ago but was afraid to use it because she didn't have anyone to show her how. Now she's teaching on them! 


Shannon Mathers
Hilo, Hawaii (the Big Island)
Classes at Quilt Passions and Island Yarn in Kailua Kona. 

(808)937-6301 C
(808)969-3110 H 


Kennita Tully
Manhattan, KS
instagram: @wildflowerknits
twitter: @wildflowerknits

Lu Fiskin-Ross
Augusta, KS
Instagram: @lufiskinross
Twitter: @lufiskinross

Teaches: Tapestry Weaving.



Flying Goat Farm
Frederick MD 
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving


NOA Fine Art Gallery and School
113 Main Street, Groton, MA.
Teaches: Tapestry & Bead Weaving

New Hampshire

Claudia Chase (see Private Lessons above)

New Jersey

New Mexico

Elizabeth Buckley
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving

New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Northern Marianas Islands


Janette Meetze/ The Fiber Studio
8959 E 135th St S
Bixby, Ok 74008
918 760 1990
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving 

Good Quill Hunting
Denver, CO 
Teaches: Bead Weaving


Kathe Todd-Hooker
Fine Fiber Press & Studio
604 First Ave E Albany, OR
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving


Sherri Coffey
PO Box 123305
Fort Worth, Texas 76121
Teaches: Tapestry Weaving