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Choosing a Loom:

Why choose a loom with a tensioning device?

What's a Mirrix?

The Best Beginner Loom

You've Decided to Learn to Weave. Now What?

Scared to Start Weaving? 5 Tips To Get Your Loom Out Of The Box! 

General Information:

Loom Comparison Charts

What’s a warp coil? 

Why warp spacing matters

The Mirrix Shedding Device

What do you need to begin weaving?

Shed Systems for Tapestry Weaving

What is Sett?

Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?

How High Should I Adjust My Loom? 

Bead Weaving:

Bead Weaving Basics

Tapestry Weaving:

Floor loom vs. Mirrix

Wood frame or Mirrix

Why weaving a scarf on a Mirrix is like frying an egg in a stock pot

Tapestry Weaving Basics


Why Tapestry?

Textural Tapestry

Talking Tapestry Webinar

Why Upgrade to a Mirrix Loom?

Mirrix Looms Bead Weaving Crash Course Webinar

Weave Faster & Easier: The Mirrix Shedding Device


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Weaving is Easy Ebook


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Set-Up and Warping

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Warping is no longer a challenge

Set-Up and Warping Instructions

Making Heddles

Bead weaving warp coil cheat sheet

Balancing the Warping Bar

How High Do I Adjust My Loom?

How to Figure Out How Many Heddles You Need


Warping Video: Tapestry/Fiber Weaving

Warping Video: Bead Weaving

Mirrix Warping Tips by Rebecca Mezoff

The Easy Warp Method <- Great for Beginners! 


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Warp Tension

How to Weave a Small Piece on a Large Loom Without Wasting Warp

The 3 Elements of a Quality Weaving (And How to Achieve Them)

Tutorial: Weaving For Dramatic Texture by Natalie Novak

Tutorial: Weaving With Two Shedding Devices

The Ultimate Guide to Weaving Beads with the Shedding Device



The Whitney & Willa Wrap Bracelet

The Queen Nefertiti Beaded Bracelet 

Split-Loom Beaded Necklace

The Rosalie Bracelet


Texture & Sett Wall-Hanging

Eccentric Wefts Tapestry Eyeglass Case

The Textural Tapestry Wall-Hanging Project

Mini Heart Tapestry

Paper & Wool Weaving (Gist yarn & Fiber)

Beads & Fiber

Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet

Affinity Bracelet

The Blue Hibiscus Bracelet


Changing Seasons Wire Bracelet


Weaving Shapes (Fiber/Tapestry)

Changing Sheds

How To Advance Your Weaving on a Mirrix Loom

Using the Mirrix Looms No Warp-Ends Kit

How to Weave Beads With the Shedding Device on a Mirrix Loom

Continuous Warping



The Basics of Finishing a Tapestry

How to Remove a Bead Weaving from a Mirrix Loom



Using the Mirrix Looms No Warp-Ends Kit

The Spencer Treadle Vs. the Loom Handle by Janna Maria Vallee

The Extra Warping Bar Kit

Weave Faster & Easier: The Mirrix Shedding Device

Can you Advance Your Weaving with a Bottom Spring Kit on Your Loom?