Extra Warping Bar Kit

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This kit allows you to put on a shorter warp. In so doing you will reduce warp waste. Because it also eliminates having a layer of warp on both the front and back of the loom, it allows you to better position your hand for weaving wider pieces with the traditional method of bead weaving.  It is also great for those of you who weave tapestry from the back and want to have a better view of the front of your piece from the back of the loom.

The package includes an extra warping bar, Texsolv cord and special pegs to attach the Texsolv cord to the warping bars. You don't have to warp your Mirrix this way for weaving beads, but it's a nice alternative and adds yet another dimension to ways you can use the Mirrix loom to fit your special weaving needs.

3 yards of Texsolv cord for the 8" - 16" Looms
5 yards of Texsolv cord for the 22" - 38" Looms